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Eagles Question of the Day: Who is your favorite former Eagles player?

So, how much time do you have?

Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Redskins Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Ok, so yesterday we talked about all of our favorite current Eagles players — which was a hard enough task, in my opinion. Today, I want to take things a little further back.

If having to pick one of 90 wasn’t challenging enough, having to pick through so many talented rosters over the duration of the Eagles franchise is just painful. My gut reaction is to go with Brian Dawkins, because who better represents the hear and soul of the team? No one, quite honestly.

But then, I start thinking about David Akers, and how fun it was to watch Michael Vick, and that this is where I can finally name Chris Long as the guy — regardless of how recent his departure from the team is.

Instead, however, I am going with the guy who gives me one of the best mental replays in my overall Eagles memory: Jeremy Maclin.


Yes, I was one of those who argued the team should have brought him back over the years. Despite his injuries, despite his age, I wanted him back in Eagles green. During his five-year stint in Philly, he came up with 343 receptions for 4,771 yards and 49 touchdowns. He wasn’t quite as flashy as DeSean Jackson during that era, but damn was he fun to watch.

And, in case you forgot, after Maclin took his Gatorade bath, he did this:


Who is your favorite former Eagles player?

Sound off in the comments!

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