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Zach Ertz compares USWNT celebrations to the camaraderie of the 2017 Eagles

Plus, it’s so damn fun to watch.

USA v Thailand: Group F - 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup France Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

The US Women’s National Team absolutely demolished Thailand in the their first match of the 2019 Women’s World Cup, setting a new record with a 13-0 sweep. But aside from dominating in all facets of the game, they also made headlines for their (well-deserved) celebrations throughout the contest.

There are a lot of storylines surrounding the Women’s team, including their fight for equal pay to the far less successful Men’s team, but them taking no mercy in their first match and celebrating along the way has drawn the most interest.

Zach Ertz was quick to stand up for his wife, Julie, and her teammates, likening their energy and camaraderie to that of the touchdown celebrations and sideline dances by the Eagles during their Super Bowl run in 2017.

“First of all, the first tie-breaker in the World Cup for the group stage is a goal differential, so it would be a crime for them to take the foot off the gas and then finish second in the group because they took the foot off the gas.

Second, the best way to build team chemistry — and I think you guys saw that a couple years ago with us — was the way we celebrated with one another. When you’re executing like that, executing at a high level, the whole team gets excited. The whole team gets involved, and it’s really the best way to build chemistry, because you see people so happy for another person’s success.

And, I think you saw that with the entire team going out there yesterday celebrating each and every person’s success because it’s been building for so long. These girls have been training for four years for another World Cup, a lot of them it’s their first time. So, to see how involved, excited each and every girl — I mean, you see my wife, she got subbed off, as excited as everyone out there celebrating.

I thought that’s the best way to build team chemistry, camaraderie and I thought it was special for them to celebrate like that. I didn’t think it was a negative thing.”

You can’t deny that the swagger and energy the Eagles had in 2017 was palpable and celebrating their successes along the way was a big part of what made them so fun to watch. The USWNT have that same vibe coming off Game 1 and have a good amount of success to build on as they prepare for the rest of their first round games.

Some of the best celebrations by the Eagles during the 2017 season include:

So, I really hope that the USWNT keep celebrating at each and every opportunity.

Other notables

Zach Ertz also mentioned that Doug Pederson gave him permission to go and watch the USA vs. Thailand matchup at home, where he was decked out in all of his custom “Mr. Ertz” American-flag gear. The tight end said he wasn’t going to ask to skip meetings to watch his wife, but the head coach made the suggestion.

He admitted it’s unique being in the stands watching Julie — rather than on the field —, but ultimately he just wants her to come away healthy and successful, especially considering how much she’s committed herself to training for such a big opportunity.

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