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Carson Wentz is happy to call Philly home for a long time

The Eagles’ quarterback didn’t have a timeframe, but is glad to have a win-win deal to stay with the organization.

Eagles QB Carson Wentz will officially be the team’s franchise quarterback through at least 2024. Last week, Wentz and the team agreed to a four-year extension worth $128 million built off of the remaining $26.7 million he was set to receive on his rookie deal through 2020.

The quarterback and his teammates returned to the NovaCare Complex on Monday for their mandatory minicamp, and Wentz spoke to the media following practice for the first time under his new deal — dressed in a very sharp looking suit and flanked by his wife.


Eagles’ owner Jeff Lurie opened the media session and noted how happy the team was to be able to extend Wentz as their quarterback, and how he’s met and exceeded their expectations everyday since they drafted him.

Lurie specifically lauded Wentz’s “leadership, poise, the desire to be really, really good, if not great, and attention to detail, smart and the face of the franchise in many ways.”

The quarterback then stepped up to the podium and thanked God, his wife, Lurie, Howie Roseman and Doug Pederson for all helping him and believing in him along the way.

“From the moment they traded up to get me, they saw something special in me, and that means a lot. At the same time, I saw something special in this place. I could see the chemistry, I could see the culture and the makeup from the moment that I came here on my visit before the draft even. I knew there was something different here.”

He went on to say that they’ve already accomplished big and exciting things in his few years with the team, but he’s also excited for what the future brings. Wentz was sure to note that his teammates “make this place amazing” and even though the roster changes every year the culture never does.

“By no means is the work done, we’re just getting started and we’re really excited about this season, but I couldn’t be more excited to be apart of this city. I love everything about this city, the fanbase is amazing.”

He’s said it before, and emphasized it again, that he doesn’t think the city could be any better of a fit for him, especially with the passion the fans bring and how bad they way to win.

On his new contract extension

He was asked why he signed an extension now, and Wentz noted that both sides just wanted to get a deal done.

“I wanted this to be home for a long time, and ever since being drafted it’s felt like home. So as soon as we found something that was a win-win and a really fair opportunity I jumped at it.”

Although, later on, Wentz said that he didn’t have a specific goal to get it done this offseason but rather left that up to his agents and team to work on the timing. The Eagles reached out about an extension a few months ago, and his agents kept him updated as needed.

Wentz also talked a bit about the complexities of the deal, and acknowledged that he knew a bit here and there but didn’t really want to bog himself down with the bulk of it — he’s been primarily focused on OTAs — so he left a lot of it up to his agents.

He was asked if he’ll be satisfied with the deal he made as the salary cap and quarterback salaries go up over the next few years, and he didn’t hesitate to say he’s happy with it. Philly is where he wants to be and isn’t interested in playing the “what if” game about the future.

Wentz also said it was important to him to come to an agreement that was fair for him and his family, but also for the organization and the future.

He said he’s not letting the pressure from this new deal get to him or change how he prepares for each game, and the pressure is always going to be there anyway so he won’t let it bog him down.

On his relationship with the team and coaches

The quarterback was asked to think back to his first meeting with the Eagles, and he admits that he could see this kind of long-term future in Philadelphia even then. He felt such a great connection with everyone who was there, and he enjoyed seeing the coaches and staff visiting him in North Dakota, too.

Wentz also talked about his relationship with Doug Pederson and noted that it means a lot, and anytime an organization shows the kind of faith and trust that they have in him means a lot. He noted that he values all the talks he’s had with Pederson, and how the coach has always had Wentz’s back and trusted him. The QB also said that he looks forward to that relationship continuing to grow in the upcoming years as well.

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