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Eagles News: Donovan McNabb says he belongs in the Hall of Fame

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 5/24/19.

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Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Donovan McNabb Says He’s A Hall Of Famer, ‘My Nos. Are Better Than Aikman’ - TMZ Spors
Donovan McNabb says he’s “absolutely” a Hall of Fame player ... telling TMZ Sports his career yards AND touchdowns should make him a shoo-in for Canton. ”My numbers are better than Troy Aikman,” the ex-Eagles superstar says. McNabb joined the guys on the “TMZ Sports” TV show -- airing weeknights on FS1 -- and said he unequivocally expects to be wearing a gold jacket at some point in his future. ”I’m not hesitating on that. I am a Hall of Famer,” McNabb says ... “My numbers speak for themselves.”

How much does EDGE depth matter to the Eagles? - BGN
We first should ask ourselves: “How often is EDGE4 on the field for Philly?” Fortunately, that’s a pretty routine question. Jim Schwartz has been the defensive coordinator in Philadelphia for three years, and has prioritized the pass rush since he arrived. We can look at the Eagles EDGE snap counts over those three seasons (chronologically ordered, 2016 - 2018) to see just how often EDGE4 impacts the game.

At the Podium: The Franchise Quarterback Speaks - BGN Radio
Organized Team Activities produced two fresh press conferences for us and this second one in our OTA series comes from the Philadelphia Eagles franchise quarterback Carson Wentz! PLUS we take a look back at what those on the outside said about the past and future of Wentz! Powered by SB Nation and Bleeding Green Nation.

Mailbag: Is the Eagles’ 2019 roster better than their Super Bowl roster in 2017? - PhillyVoice
Overall (2017): So the final tally is four for 2017, five for 2019, though the 2017 roster was better at quarterback, and on both sides of the line. I’ll give the overall nod to 2017, but it’s close, which bodes well for the 2019 team’s Super Bowl aspirations.

The Slot, For Now - Iggles Blitz
Maddox needs to be on the field in 2019. The only question is where. They are putting him in the slot because they think he can play at a high level in that spot. Not every corner can play inside. That is a tough position. Maddox and LeBlanc will battle it out to see who wins that job. Both players have experience there and both have played well there. This is a good thing, not a bad thing. We don’t know what will happen with the outside corners. Darby is the most talented of the bunch. He will start once he’s healthy. The coaches love Mills, but they saw him get burned last year. He won’t be given anything. Douglas finished hot and he’s getting lots of work now. We’ll see how that goes. Sidney Jones is the wild card. The kid is very talented, but we haven’t seen much of that in the NFL. If he can stay healthy and play up to his potential, he should win a starting job. Jones won’t be given anything. He’ll have to earn it.

(Mostly) Eagles mailbag: How the team stacks up as a Super Bowl contender, Vaitai’s future and more - The Athletic
I tend to agree that the Eagles are being widely underestimated nationally. Nearly everything went wrong for the Eagles in 2018, and they still managed to win a road playoff game and fall agonizingly short of another. According to Football Outsiders, they were the second-most injured team in 2018. There are real questions about the team’s medical staff, but that should portend some better injury luck in 2019. I also agree that the Eagles have had a very good offseason. The biggest problem with last year’s team on the field was a lack of offensive firepower. They dropped from eighth in offensive DVOA in 2017 (which was dragged down by the ugly, late-season play of Nick Foles, how quickly we forget) to 16th in 2018. No offensive players of significance departed, while DeSean Jackson, Miles Sanders, Jordan Howard and JJ Arcega-Whiteside were imported. The Eagles are all of a sudden talented and deep across the board on offense with a quarterback who was leading the MVP conversation not long ago.

Nothing nutty about it: Jordan Mailata not bothered at all by Eagles’ decision to draft Andre Dillard - Daily News
Mailata said he wasn’t surprised that the Eagles took Dillard, who was one of the 10 best players on their draft board. “Every year they’re going to choose the best people from the draft,” he said. “It just happened to be one of the best tackles in the draft. Obviously you want that. I want that on my team. I don’t believe it hinders my progression or where they have me on the depth chart. It’s a plus for us that we added ‘Dre. For me, it’s just going to make me work harder. He’s a great guy. I’m pretty confident in myself, and coach Stout believes in me. I know I can get the job done regardless of where they put me

Why Robert Kraft Has a Good Chance at Avoiding Suspension From the NFL - MMQB
We’ll wrap it up here with Dave’s question, which references Eagles VP of player personnel Joe Douglas. Dave, I do believe Douglas would be Adam Gase’s first choice. I also believe with each day that passes, and it’s not Douglas, there’s a greater chance that winds up being someone else. Why? Because usually when teams have a guy targeted, they move very aggressively through the process. The Jets haven’t done that, which tells me either they’re very committed to having an open process, something they’ve talked about publicly, or they can’t get Douglas to say yes. The latter is possible too, since Douglas has a great rep and will have more chances down the line. And if we’re being honest, as I wrote last week, the job’s a little bit of a tough sell right now.

Five Ways the 2010 Draft Affected—and Is Still Affecting—the NFL - The Ringer
The considerable number of late bloomers from 2010 show just how crucial situation can be to a player’s career. Many productive guys from this class only hit their stride after landing with a new team or regime. Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham is a perfect example. Originally drafted no. 13 overall by the Eagles as a defensive end for then-defensive coordinator Sean McDermott’s 4-3 system, Graham was relegated to backup duty in his first few seasons. In 2012, he broke out for 5.5 sacks and the highest pass rush productivity in the NFL among edge defenders who played at least 20 percent of their team’s snaps. But the following season, first-year coach Chip Kelly brought a 3-4 defense to Philadelphia and Graham was marginalized yet again. It took until the arrival of Jim Schwartz in 2016—Graham’s fifth coordinator in seven years—for him to finally reach his ceiling. That season, Graham finished with 83 disrupted dropbacks (third among edge defenders) and 17 QB hits (tied for second among edge defenders). In his three seasons under Schwartz, Graham has emerged as one of the most effective per-snap rushers in the league and became a Super Bowl hero in 2018 before earning a three-year, $40 million contract this offseason.

Vinny Curry helps hometown kids look Fly, Eagles Fly for senior prom -
Vinny Curry understands how much senior prom means to high school kids. So, he’s doing something to make sure the young men at Neptune High School look their very best on Friday night. It was an extremely busy Thursday for Curry, who took part in the Eagles’ Organized Team Activities at the NovaCare Complex in South Philadelphia and then hustled up to Neptune City, New Jersey to take part in his “100 Kid Haircuts” program at Meet The Barber Gentlemen’s Lounge barber shop. Curry paid for 100 young men to have their hair cut and styled for Friday night’s senior prom. ”Where I’m from, the prom is a very big deal. I just wanted to do something nice for these kids who are already paying money for a tuxedo, maybe a car, things like that. I just wanted to take the stress level off the parents and the kids just a little bit,” said Curry, part of his ongoing campaign to give back to his hometown. “It’s a great barbershop and the kids are having a great time getting ready for their prom.

Ranking candidates to win Eagles’ last few skill position roster spots - NBCSP
DeAndre Thompkins: The rookie from Penn State got a nice chunk of change to come to the Eagles and is intriguing because of his speed and his potential as a punt returner. But Thompkins had a problem with drops in college and might be more of a longer-term project. Maybe a practice squad guy.

The seven NFL teams that had the most compelling offseasons - ESPN In$ider
“You could have had Odell and Harrison from last year’s team,” an exec said. “Instead, you have Dexter Lawrence and a fifth-rounder from Detroit. That makes no sense to me.” It obviously makes sense to the Giants, but execs agreed that New York’s GM, Dave Gettleman, has not communicated the plan effectively. One exec said it looked like the Giants were building a team to stop the run in a potentially run-heavy division within a more pass-oriented league. Another questioned whether a “meat-and-potatoes” team would gain traction in New York during the current age. A third questioned how Gettleman could suggest that Jones might sit for three years, which would make it difficult for the team to decide how to proceed on a second contract. ”I don’t think you get rid of great players,” a former GM said. “They traded a pass-rushing defensive lineman [Vernon] for an interior offensive lineman [Zeitler] and drafted a quarterback I’m iffy on. You can defend every one of their moves individually, but collectively, are they building an identity that you can win with?”

Minnesota Vikings Are Desperate to Escape the NFL’s Worst Quarterback Trap - B/R
Welcome to the Quarterback Trap, Minnesota Vikings! You walked right into it last year when you signed Kirk Cousins to a fully guaranteed three-year, $84 million deal. Now you might have to gnaw off your tight end in a flailing effort to escape. The Quarterback Trap is part Catch-22, part carnivorous plant, part kindergarten finger puzzle. Its mechanisms are simple. NFL teams cannot maintain success without excellent quarterback play. But excellent quarterback play is usually so expensive that it prevents NFL teams from maintaining success.

Why should anyone trust the NFL to define what a Hail Mary is? - SB Nation
The NFL’s plan to make pass interference penalties (and non-penalties) reviewable by instant replay was voted into existence at a league meeting in March. It lasted less than two months before getting its first adjustment. NFL owners gathered at their annual May to discuss rule changes and other proposals, with the complicated PI rule at the top of their to-do list. And while Robert Kraft, Jerry Jones, et al. didn’t change the policy themselves, they effectively kicked it back to the rules committee for tweaking — likely giving coaches the unprecedented power to challenge interference calls and no-calls in the final two minutes of either half.


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