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You can now live in Nick Foles’ old house

Opportunity of a lifetime!

The final piece of Nick Foles’ move to Jacksonville is now complete with his former home in New Jersey now up for sale.

Sure, you could argue that he had officially moved on when he used his $2 million buyout earlier offseason, or when he signed with the Jaguars and had his introductory press conference. But putting up the place he called home for the past two years is pretty much the final goodbye.

I’ve got some thoughts on the 4,000 sq ft abode that is now on the market, starting with the fact that he made a very financially secure decision with his purchase back in 2017. Foles and family purchased the home for $700,000 despite having earned over $15 million during the course of his initial five seasons in the league. It shouldn’t really be too surprising knowing the kind of guy he is, but it proves he wasn’t going around spending tons of cash.

Also, this house looks gorgeous! Plenty of open spaces and tall ceilings — good for such a tall guy — and lots of windows for natural light. The whole place seems to capture his newfound calm mentality that he developed during his return to football. And the serene paint scheme probably helps with that too.

The home is just a 20-minute drive from Lincoln Financial Field, and could be a great buy for one of the team’s newly acquired players. Or for an Eagles fan who just can’t help but brag about the digs’ former owner.

(Hat tip to The700Level)

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