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Eagles 2019 NFL preseason games schedule is here

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The news you’ve all been dying to see.

Indianapolis Colts v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The 2019 NFL preseason schedule is officially here. It’s been less than three months since the Eagles’ 2018 season ended but now we already know who they’re playing this summer.

See below for the entire Eagles 2019 preseason slate. Exact dates and start times for all the games will be announced later, but the initial listing includes which teams will be facing off. Games will be aired on NBC Philadelphia and SportsRadio 94WIP.

Week 1 - Tennessee Titans (HOME) — August 8-12

Week 2 - Jacksonville Jaguars (AWAY) — August 15-19

Week 3 - Baltimore Ravens (HOME) — August 22-25

Week 4 - New York Jets (AWAY) — August 29-30

Very important preseason schedule analysis

  • Unfortunately for you out-of-towners, there are no national Eagles preseason games this year.
  • If there’s a 4th-and-15 in that Titans game, I’m probably going to die. Thankfully, Corey Graham won’t be around for that one.
  • Carson Wentz versus Nick Foles in Jacksonville! For a couple drives, at least? I’m sure there will be no overreactions to come out of this game.
  • Doug Pederson announced the Eagles will host joint training camp practices with the Ravens leading up to their game against Baltimore. That’ll be fun.
  • The preseason schedule wraps up with the annual backup bowl tradition against the Jets. This summer marks the 19th consecutive year the Eagles finish their preseason versus the J-e-t-s. The two teams have played in 33 of the last 34 preseasons (and twice in 1992).
  • The Eagles will also face the Jets in the regular season since they’re scheduled to play the AFC East this year. The Eagles are a perfect 10-0 in 10 all-time games against the Jets.

Speaking of schedules, here’s a reminder of the Eagles’ 2019 regular season opponents. This year’s entire NFL schedule won’t be officially released for a week or two, but here’s a look at who the Eagles play.


Dallas Cowboys

Washington Redskins

New York Giants

Chicago Bears

Detroit Lions

New England Patriots

New York Jets

Seattle Seahawks


Dallas Cowboys

Washington Redskins

New York Giants

Minnesota Vikings

Green Bay Packers

Buffalo Bills

Miami Dolphins

Atlanta Falcons