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Carson Wentz, Bryce Harper, and Rhys Hoskins were all hanging out at last night’s Sixers game

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Philly’s new power trio.

Credit: @Sixers

There was a cool scene at last night’s Sixers game that didn’t directly involve their frustrating loss to the Milwaukee Bucks. Rather, it took place in one of the box suites at the Wells Fargo Center.

Of course, I’m talking about how Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz was spotted hanging out with Phillies sluggers Rhys Hoskins and Bryce Harper.

Wentz and Harper specifically received a standing ovation from the crowd.

Phillies pitches Aaron Nola and Zach Eflin were also in attendance.

That’s sure a lot of Philadelphia sports star power in one place.

It’s always fun to see Philly athletes showing up to games and supporting each other like this. It’s even cooler when some of the biggest stars in town are doing it together.

Wentz and Harper might as well get to know each other because they’re potentially going to be ruling the Philly sports scene for the forseeable future. Harper signed a 13-year contract with the Phillies and Wentz will likely sign a long-term deal at some point.

I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of the Wentz and Harper relationship when the Eagles are playing this fall. Wentz should be handing touchdown balls to him and not Mike Trout, who recently killed off the dream scenario of him joining the Phillies.