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Jeremy Maclin thanks the Eagles and their fans in his retirement letter

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Here’s to you, JMac.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

After first announcing his plans to retire from the NFL a few weeks ago, Jeremy Maclin has now shared a goodbye message via his official Twitter account.

That’s some really small text so I went through and transcribed it all below. I’ve emboldened the parts that reference the Philadelphia Eagles.

If you know me at all you know that I don’t like talking about myself. Never have, never will … but I think it’s time to let you guys in and tell you why I decided to retire from the NFL. Three years ago, everything started to change. It was my last season in Kansas City. I had huge expectations for myself coming off the two best seasons of my career. During that season, I lost a childhood friend and a family member. I also tore my groin off the bone. I had the worst season of my career then got released that following Ma, two weeks after my wedding via voicemail.

After I got released from Kansas City, the mental part got extremely challenging for me. Something that had been my biggest strength slowly started to become one of my weaknesses. Mentally I was shook but I still wanted to play despite what was going on.

When I got to Baltimore I thought I was mentally ready to go. I will admit that although my mental perspective got better during that season, it wasn’t where it used to be. During my season in Baltimore, I played with two strained quads, battled with stingers that resulted in a “dead shoulder” and on what I thought was just my last catch of the season, I tore my MCL. In retrospect, I now know it was the last catch of my career.

Since February of 2018, I’ve battled nagging problems with my left hamstring and glute. The Ravens released me in March 2018 and since then I’ve bene trying to get my hamstring right. I’ve had 3 injections that haven’t worked. I have rehabbed endlessly. I have pain bending down to pick things up. I can’t move my leg without having pain. I don’t share this for sympathy or for people to feel bad for me. I thought my fans and supporters should know what’s been going on with me. These last three years have taught me so much about myself. It has also allowed me to reevaluate what’s really important in life. It’s brought my wife and I closer and has made me a stronger person. I am excited about the next chapter in my life and know that football and all it has allowed me to do has prepared me for my future.

Thank you to everyone who supported me throughout my football journey. First, I want thank my Mizzou family. Gary Pinkel, Andy Hill, and Cornell Ford. I appreciate y’all for staying on me and convincing m that Mizzou was the place for in ’09. Thank you to the whole coaching staff for challenging me every day and helping me become the best Tiger I could be. My CBC guys, Spoon, Rut and Nario, y’all know how much y’all mean to me. We challenged each other on and off the field which resulted in us forming the unbreakable bond. There are so many memories I have from my time at Mizzou and just know that I appreciate everyone and everything I encountered there. I will always bleed black and gold. #Miz-zou.

To the Philadelphia organization and #EaglesNation - Where do I start? Jeffrey Lurie, Howie Roseman, Andy Reid, Marty Morningweg, and David Culley, thank you for taking a chance and drafting me. I appreciate the opportunity you guys gave me to play in front of a fan base and city that is second to none. Big Red and Culley, y’all have helped me become the man I am today. Your loyalty and honesty is something that I will cherish for the rest of my life. The memories I have of playing in that midnight green still give me chills. It isn’t because of the balls I caught or the touchdowns I scored. It’s because of the teammates I got to share the field with every Sunday. I’ll never forget DJac [DeSean Jackson] and me talking trash to defensive backs every time we stepped foot on the field.

I’ll never forget Asante [Samuel] telling us he’s getting a pick and 2 plays later he gets a pick. I’ll never forget Shady [LeSean McCoy] turning negative run plays into big explosive run plays. I’ll never forget how true Jason Avant stayed to himself no matter what the situation was. Winning or losing, every catch he thanked the man upstairs. [Brent] Celek, JP [Jason Peters], and [Jason] Kelce, I will always have respect for how professional you guys are. I will never forget watching how dominant Fletch[er Cox], BG [Brandon Graham], and Trent [Cole] were in those trenches. I’ll never forget catching a bomb from one of my childhood idols, [Michael] Vick, in our first ever rep together in practice. [Nick] Foles, I can go all day about you. Since you were a rook I have been a fan and will always be a fan. [Zach] Ertz and JMatt [Jordan Matthews], the friendly competition between us during 2014 season was a blast. To the fans of Philly … wow! What else can I say? Amazing! The number of people that impacted my life in a positive way on and off the field in Philadelphia is massive and I’m forever thankful for them. Philly will always hold a special place in my heart. #FlyEaglesFly forever!

To the Kansas City organization and #ChiefsKingdom I want to say thank you! It was a dream of mine to play back in my home state of Missouri. I called it my ride down I-70! I’ll never forget the Justin Houston and EB pre-game speeches that got us going. I won’t forget walking out the tunnel as a captain for our playoff game in Houston and New England. I won’t forget extra workouts with Chris, Al, and Reek and their hunger to be great. I won’t forget sharing the field with the best and shaggiest TE in the game who demanded greatness from everyone, Travis Kelce. I can keep going on and on. #ChiefsKingdom I love you and I appreciate each and every last one of you!

To the Baltimore organization and #RavensFlock I want to say thank you! It was only for a short while but you guys showed me nothing but love! The respect I have for the guys I played with during my time there will not be forgotten. Sizzle, Carr, Cocap, Webbie, MW, Yanda, Joe, EW, Ben, the list can go on and on but I appreciate y’all and it was an honor to play with y’all. #RavensFlock I am forever grateful.

There are so many more people that helped me throughout my football experiences that I could go all day. I appreciate Rick [Burkholder] and Aaron and every training staff member that did whatever they could to get me ready for gamely. I appreciate Big Dom [Eagles VP of team security Dom DiSandro] for looking out for me during my time in Philly. I appreciate Ted and BJ for helping my family with whatever they needed during my time in Kansas City. I appreciate Harold [Carmichael] for letting me pick his brain and shedding knowledge about the NFL. I can’t name everybody but thank you all, I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

This moment in time has allowed me to reflect not only on my professional career but also on the personal aspects of my journey. For me, every day seems to start and end with family. I appreciate the support and love they have shown me from day one. Mom, Dre, Roshon, Jeff, Cindy, Tyler, Much, and everyone else in both families. thank you for everything and I love you all. My wife Adia, I love you. You are the reason i’ve been able to keep my head up over the last couple of years. The joy you bring into my life is everything and more. promise to match that joy and be that honing light for you and our future process. I love you forever and always.

It’s a bummer that Maclin had to leave the game in part due to his body breaking down on him.

It’s nice to think back to the good times, though, and from afar it seems like Maclin is in a good space moving forward in life.

Thanks for all the memories and best wishes to you in retirement, JMac.