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NFL Mock Draft 2019: New York Giants take Eli Manning successor at No. 6

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With the 6th overall pick in the 2019 Bleeding Green Nation community mock draft, New York Giants GM ablesser88 selects ...

Rose Bowl Game Presented by Northwestern Mutual - Washington v Ohio State Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Dwayne Haskins, QB, Ohio State

Let’s get this out of the way early: Dave Gettleman is not a good GM.

I’m not even going to blame him for going for Saquon Barkley over a QB in last year’s draft (that was them going for the best player available and the most surefire prospect in the draft). I’m also not even going to be hard on him for trading Odell Beckham because he had the potential to turn into a locker room cancer fast Antonio Brown style.

No, Gettleman is a bad GM because of his inability to see the writing on the wall. Mainly, you have a 38 year old quarterback in Eli Manning who has been giving the Giants diminishing returns each year for the past 3 years. And now with the rumors that they are thinking of offering him an extension, there should be no mistake: he is completely delusional.

Seeing as how Beckham has already been kicked out of town, now seems like the perfect time to blow everything up. And what better place to start rebuilding a roster than with the most important position on the field?

Dwayne Haskins in all honesty is a bit of an enigma to me. He is in a way both the most polished and unpolished QB prospect I have ever seen, but in a situation like this it actually works out well. What I mean by that is that when you look at him, he’s got the ideal size for a franchise QB at 6’3” and 231 lbs. His arm strength is impeccable, his short and intermediate accuracy are exceptional, and he already has a feel for the game that should allow him to adapt to the NFL relatively quickly.

Just to elaborate on this last part a little more, I was impressed by his ability to read his progressions for a guy with so little experience as a starter. He also seems to be very good at decision making and not throwing stupid or high-risk balls. In fact he plays it so safe that a knock on him is that he sometimes passes up too many chances that a guy with his arm talent should be able to hit.

You can’t talk about Haskins without bringing up his stats. Sure, he only played as a starter for a single year but what a year it was: 4,831 yards passing, a 50-8 TD-INT ratio, 70% pass completion rate, and a gaudy 174.1 QB rating. All of this culminated in a 13-1 season for Ohio State ending in a Rose Bowl victory.

Now that the positives are out of the way, I do need to bring up some things he needs to work on. His combine was rough, posting the slowest 40 time of all QBs and the second lowest vertical jump. It’s obvious that he’s not the best athlete. He also has the tendency of freaking out under pressure and his lack of mobility means that his improvising skills are lacking as well. His deep ball is also fairly inaccurate.

His mechanics can be a mess at times. The biggest one for me is that he has the tendency to throw off his back foot on deep throws, which explains the deep ball inaccuracy quite well. He does have a slightly elongated release, as well as an inconsistent release point and poor footwork. However, I feel a lot of this is fixable with proper coaching. Simply working with a quality QB coach should fix most of his mechanical issues.

I know that all doesn’t paint him in the best light, but there is a major factor that helps soften those blows: Eli Manning. The Giants are obviously keeping him for at least one more year, and in turn this might be the best thing for Haskins. For as much crap as we like to give Eli, the fact of the matter is that he’s seen it all in the NFL. He’s played in the league for 15 years and has two rings to show for it, making him a great mentor to Haskins. They are both immobile QBs who are best known for being pocket passers. Eli can help with how to deal with rushers and how to maximize his strengths while the coaching staff can get a year to iron out his mechanical woes without having to throw him to the dogs immediately.

The Giants have a long way to go before they can be considered contenders again, but as long as they lay the groundwork down now they can speed up the rebuilding process greatly. Haskins is a guy who will need some time before he is ready to start, but the Giants have the infrastructure in place to allow him to develop the way he needs to in order to be successful. And once he does develop, he has the highest upside of any QB I have seen in a while. If the Giants are serious about making the playoffs before 2025 they need to get serious about finding Eli’s successor. With Haskins, they do just that. You allow Eli to have a swan song season while using his knowledge and experience to develop the heir apparent. It’s exactly what the Giants did in 2004 when Kurt Warner did the same with Eli. This isn’t going to be the perfect pick or even the best player on the board, but this is the pick the Giants need to make.


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2019 BGN Mock Draft Order

1) Cardinals (Philliesandthebees): Kyler Murray

2) 49ers (SakPrescott): Nick Bosa

3) Jets (thealien2696): Quinnen Williams

4) Raiders (SisyphusNoMore): Josh Allen

5) Buccaneers (EAGLESBSU): Montez Sweat

6) Giants (ablesser88): Dwayne Haskins

7) Jaguars (20Safety_Hazards):

8) Lions (89Tremaine):

9) Bills (drc242):

10) Broncos (ItownBallers22):

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Now it’s time for you to vote for who YOU think the Giants should pick in the 2019 BGN Community Consensus Mock Draft.


Who should the New York Giants draft at No. 6 overall?

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  • 51%
    Dwayne Haskins
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    Devin White
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  • 17%
    Ed Oliver
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    Rashan Gary
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    Brian Burns
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    Drew Lock
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2019 BGN Community Consensus Mock Draft

1) Cardinals: Kyler Murray

2) 49ers: Nick Bosa

3) Jets: Quinnen Williams

4) Raiders: Josh Allen

5) Buccaneers: Montez Sweat

6) Giants: