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Winners and losers from the 2019 NFL Draft

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It’s all about perception

NFL: NFL Draft Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

We won’t really know who drafted well and who drafted poorly for a few years. But we do know who had a good draft weekend and who didn’t.


Draft predictors

Did they get picks wrong? Yes. Were some of them massively off? Yes. Will there be any consequences? Not at all.

The Cardinals entertainment factor

Arizona will probably be bad. But they could also be pretty fun to watch if Kliff Kingsbury truly brings the Air Raid to the NFL. Kyler Murray joins holdovers David Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald, and the Cardinals also drafted speed in Andy Isabella and size in Hakeem Butler. For the first time in a decade the Cardinals have appeal.

The Dolphins

After a series of trades Miami traded two 2nds and a 5th for a 2nd, a 6th, and Josh Rosen. Rosen is at the least a 22 year old backup QB on a cheap contract. This is the kind of low risk, high reward move that can vault the Dolphins into contention.

The Redskins

Dan Snyder reportedly had a heavy hand in this year’s draft and… he did well? At the very least, the Redskins had a reasonable plan. Dwayne Haskins at 15 and Montez Sweat at 26 were good value, especially Haskins since the Giants took an inferior QB prospect earlier. They then added players around Haskins, grabbing a pair of offensive linemen and receivers, and Bryce Love.

Daniel Jones

Jones is in a good situation if he’s a bust: everyone will, rightfully, blame Dave Gettleman. It’s a get out of jail free pass.

Carson Wentz

Nice Thursday and Friday for Wentz, as the Eagles added a blocker, a receiver, and a runner for him.

Dan Mullen and Lincoln Riley

Three schools had three players drafted in the first round: Alabama, of course; Clemson, of course; and... Mississippi State. When the Bulldogs trio of players were recruited, their head coach was Mullen, now at Florida. Florida has been a mess recently, but Mullen is a good coach and three first round picks is a nice selling point as he tries to turn around the Gators.

Riley has had back to back #1 overall picks. Quite the accomplishment.


The Giants/Dave Gettleman

This one doesn’t need any further explanation. They’re a mess.

The Raiders/Mike Mayock

Mayock has been evaluating draft picks for years, but he’s never had a job remotely close to the one he has now, and it showed. Even Clelin Ferrell thought he was a reach at 4th overall, and then they took a running back in the 1st, which is poor value.

The Chiefs

Kansas City had a terrible draft weekend, and it had nothing to do with their selections. They are a PR disaster after the timing of the Kareem Hunt release, followed by the trade for Frank Clark and the leak of the Tyreek Hill child abuse case. Judging by their prior actions, they could either cut Hill or give him a contract extension.

Jason Licht

He drafted a kicker again.

Drafting punters

Drafting a kicker is bad, but drafting a punter is inexcusable. The Patriots traded up for one. The 49ers drafted one who is 27 years old. Twenty seven.

LeSean McCoy

Not only did he tweet a spoiler for Avengers: Endgame but (DON’T WORRY I’M NOT GOING TO SPOIL IT) he didn’t spell the character’s name correctly. What an idiot.

Ex-players announcing picks

Pat McAfee’s speech was so bad that he killed the appeal of having alumni on the stage. We’re done here.