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Clayton Thorson to the Eagles leads to mixed reactions

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Hmm ...

Big Ten Championship - Northwestern v Ohio State Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles traded the No. 163 pick to the New England Patriots for picks No. 167 and 246, adding another selection to their haul later on Saturday. With their fifth rounder, Philadelphia added Big Ten quarterback Clayton Thorson out of Northwestern.

This pick drew quite the mixed reactions. Some think he’ll be a good guy to develop under Carson Wentz and Nate Sudfled, others think the Eagles reached quite a bit for a guy who might not be on the roster for long. (And also more than a few Mike Kafka jokes.)

For what it’s worth, the analysts at ESPN think that Philadelphia is the perfect landing spot for the QB and learning under Doug Pederson is the best chance he’s got to succeed at the next level.