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Order your Eagles Andre Dillard jersey here

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Welcome to Philly.

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The Philadelphia Eagles traded up to the No. 22 overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft to select Washington State offensive tackle Andre Dillard. If all goes expected for this young man, he could be the Eagles’ blindside protector for the next decade after Jason Peters retires.

It’s kind of crazy to think about how the Eagles will be going from an All-Pro talent like Tra Thomas ... to a future Hall of Famer in Peters ... to a very talented prospect in Dillard. That kind of stability at the left tackle position shouldn’t be taken for granted.

In order to further celebrate the Dillard pick, you can place an order for his jersey. It’s unclear exactly what number he’ll be wearing in Philly. It obviously won’t be his college number (No. 60) since that’s retired in honor of Chuck Bednarik. Current available offensive line numbers include: 61, 64, 67, 76, and 77.

You might scoff at the idea of getting an offensive tackle jersey but, hey, the trenches are where the games are won and lost. And if Dillard has the (admittedly atypical) longevity of Peters, he could still be around in 2033!

Details: Since this is a special-event item, the No. 1 will serve as a placeholder and the jersey will not ship until Dillard has officially signed and selected his number.

Andre Dillard Eagles Nike Jersey for $99.99