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Eagles got one of the best pass protectors in the NFL Draft in Andre Dillard

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The Eagles moved up to get their guy, and people are excited about it.

NFL Draft Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Eagles picked Washington State offensive tackle Andre Dillard out with the No. 22 overall pick on Thursday night — giving up the No. 25, No. 127 and No. 197 picks to the Ravens to move up.

After the pick was made, Dillard was near tears during his interview, and it was noted that NFL general managers called him one of the nicest guys in this year’s draft class, but he doesn’t play that way.

“Off the field I just like being someone people like being around, but on the field I like doing my job.”

Dillard looks to be the natural successor to Jason Peters on the left side, keeping Lane Johnson on the right. From his new teammates to people around the league, there were plenty of reactions about the Eagles first round pick.

And there were more than a few media reactions, including some notes about how Dillard was one of the best pass protectors in this year’s draft: