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NFL Draft Results 2019: Live blog, trades, updates, picks, and more

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Follow along with up-to-the-minute updates here on Bleeding Green Nation!

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Welcome to Bleeding Green Nation’s 2019 NFL Draft live blog! The draft itself begins at 8:00 PM ET on ABC, ESPN, and NFL Network. Click here for info on how to watch the broadcast.

This post will host constant updates regarding draft rumors, surprising picks, trade updates, hot takes, and more, while also serving as an open thread for discussion in the comments. The Philadelphia Eagles are set to pick at No. 25. There’s already been a lot of buzz about what they might do tonight.

Stay tuned to Bleeding Green Nation for the latest updates regarding Eagles moves and others made around the league. Also make sure to listen to our BGN Radio podcasts that’ll be posted shortly after the Eagles make their picks.

[UPDATE: 11:53 PM ET] And FINALLY, with the No. 32 pick, the New England Patriots took N’Keal Harry, wide receiver out of Arizona State, to finish up the first round.

Thanks for tuning in! And, we’ll be back for Rounds 2 and 3 tomorrow!

[UPDATE: 11:47 PM ET] Apparently teams were waiting until the end of the night to finally make some moves. Atlanta traded up to the No. 31 spot with the Rams to take offensive tackle Kaleb McGary out of Washington.

[UPDATE: 11:43 PM ET] Ok, so Gettleman didn’t totally screw this one up — the Giants take Georgia CB Deandre Baker. The first cornerback off the board.

[UPDATE: 11:42 PM ET] Oh, Seattle picked L.J. Collier out of TCU. And then they went ahead and traded their No. 30 pick to the Giants. Yes, please let Dave Gettleman make more decisions that will cost the team millions and other draft picks.

[UPDATE: 11:40 PM ET] With the No. 29 pick, the Seahawks take — we may never know because the pick has been in for 5 minutes and they still went to commercial.

[UPDATE: 11:32 PM ET] Some catching up with all the post-Eagles pick excitement! At No. 27 the Raiders went safety with Johnathan Abram, following by the Chargers taking DT Jerry Tillery at No. 28.

[UPDATE: 11:16 PM ET] Washington traded up with the Indianapolis Colts and took Montez Sweat.

[UPDATE: 11:04 PM ET] With the former Eagles pick at No. 25, the Ravens pick up wide receiver Marquise Brown. It was widely expected that Philly would end up adding the wideout, but with Dillard still available at No. 22, they had to go OT vs receiver — and, I’m not mad about it.

[UPDATE: 10:58 PM ET] The first running back is off the board at No. 24: Josh Jacobs out of Alabama is headed to the Raiders.

[UPDATE: 10:52 PM ET] Howie Roseman continues to be a very smart GM. More OT’s were mocked to go in the Top 20, but with a run on defenders, Dillard at 22 was a steal. With the No. 23 pick, the Texans took Tytus Howard — another OT target for the Eagles that probably wouldn’t have been on the board if they stayed at No. 25.

[UPDATE: 10:44 PM ET] EAGLES TAKE TACKLE ANDRE DILLARD OUT OF WASHINGTON STATE!!!! This is a good pick for Philadelphia! I spoke to him at the NFL Combine and he felt comfortable transitioning to an NFL style offense (vs. mostly passing) and should add some much needed depth for the Eagles.

[UPDATE: 10:40 PM ET] EAGLES TRADE UP TO NO. 22! They traded the Ravens the No. 25, 127 (4th round) and 197 (6th round) picks to move up three spots.

[UPDATE: 10:38 PM ET] The Packers traded up to No. 21 from the Seahawks (who will now pick No. 28) to get Darnell Savage, safety, out of Maryland. He was a guy mocked to the Eagles at various times leading up to the draft, but now the Eagles (thankfully) might go another direction in just a few picks — if not trade back, altogether.

[UPDATE: 10:30 PM ET] Broncos pick Iowa TE Noah Fant at No. 20. Eagles aren’t really hurting in the tight end department, so two being picked in the first round is a bit of a shoulder shrug in terms of what it means for Philadelphia.

[UPDATE: 10:09 PM ET] With their second Round 1 pick of the night — thanks to the Odell Beckham Jr. trade with Cleveland — the Giants add Dexter Lawrence, defensive tackle, out of Clemson. Lots of Clemson defenders off the board early tonight.

[UPDATE: 10:04 PM ET] I’ll let Michael Kist take this one:

[UPDATE: 9:57 PM ET] Washington did what the Giants should have, and they didn’t even have to waste a ton of future picks to trade up to get him — Dwayne Haskins is off the board at No. 15. Not super excited about the Buckeye QB being in the NFC East... even if Washington will likely have no idea how to make him and them successful, despite his talent.

[UPDATE: 9:47 PM ET] The Dolphins did not go quarterback and instead got Christian Wilkins out of Clemson. The DT nearly crushed Roger Goodell when he took the stage, and despite Wilkins sliding out of the Top 10, he didn’t quite make it all the way down to the Eagles at No. 25. (Sorry BLG.)

[UPDATE: 9:25 PM ET] First trade of the night! The Broncos were at No. 10 for seven minutes before the Pittsburgh Steelers made a deal to move up. They reportedly really wanted Devin Bush out of Michigan, and they were able to get their guy.

[UPDATE: 9:09 PM ET] The Jaguars — a.k.a. Nick Foles’ new team — picked Josh Allen at No. 7. The DE carried his adorable son on stage with him and his suit jacket was super shiny. He also happened to be the second Josh Allen in a row to be drafted at 7th overall.

[UPDATE: 9:03 PM ET] THEY DID IT. THE GIANTS PICKED QUARTERBACK DANIEL JONES. Reminder: Jones was a 0-star recruit out of high school...

[UPDATE: 8:49 PM ET] What!? The Raiders may have reached a bit for DE Clelin Ferrell out of Clemson at No. 4, instead of picking someone like Josh Allen. Some of the fans on site in Nashville did not look super happy about their choice, but Gruden and Mayock have a vision — a crazy, questionable, and secretive vision, but a vision nonetheless.

[UPDATE: 8:42 PM ET] The Jets tried to trade down, but couldn’t make a deal and ended up taking DT Quinnen Williams — not Ed Oliver — at No. 3.

[UPDATE: 8:36 PM ET] In what should be a surprise to no one, the 49ers add Nick Bosa at No. 2 — one pick higher than his brother Joey in 2016.

[UPDATE: 8:24 PM ET] Aaaaand the Cardinals took their entire 10 minutes to choose...Kyler Murray. I really don’t think they needed the full 10 minutes to make it official...

[UPDATE: 8:00 PM ET] HERE WE GO!!!! Now, for about 10 minutes of introductions and booing Roger Goodell before the Cardinals are on the clock.

[UPDATE: 7:26 PM ET] Hey Team! Alexis here, and 8pm cannot get here fast enough. The tone of the first round should be set early — if the Cardinals take QB Kyler Murray, things will be interesting but also fairly expected; if the Cardinals go Quinnen Williams or Nick Bosa instead, THINGS ARE GOING TO GET CRAZY. Either way, I can’t wait.

[UPDATE: 6:00 PM ET] The thread is up! BLG here. The amazing Alexis Chassen will be keeping this post fresh with updates above this one you’re currently reading. I’ll be busy writing other posts for the front page and podcasting. Follow me for updates on Twitter: @BrandonGowton. Here’s to a fun night.