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Rumor: Marquise Brown is “90% the pick if he’s there” for the Eagles at No. 25

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Where there’s smoke ...

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Bleeding Green Nation’s own Benjamin Solak is hearing some interesting things about the Philadelphia Eagles leading up to the 2019 NFL Draft tonight. Here are some rumors for you to chew on:

And some thoughts on these tidbits:

  • Man, the Hollywood hype has really caught on here late in the draft process. Daniel Jeremiah, Peter King, Mel Kiper, and Matt Miller all notably have the Eagles taking Brown in their final mock drafts. And now you have Solak hearing there’s a “90%” chance he’s the pick.
  • Of course, it’s possible Brown won’t make it to No. 25. A number of mocks have him going off the board to the Titans at No. 19. Then there’s the Ravens to worry about at No. 22, as Solak mentions here. I wonder how far the Eagles would have to move up to get him. Is there any way they can use Nelson Agholor as a trade chip?
  • Over the weekend, we heard some buzz connecting Simmons to the Eagles. Solak is hearing that’s “not likely.” I, too, wouldn’t consider Simmons a likely pick for Philly at No. 25.
  • It’s not surprising to see the Eagles potentially interested in Bradbury considering he could be a direct Jason Kelce replacement. Do the Eagles trade up for him if Hollywood is off the board? Or do they hope Bradbury falls to them at No. 25?

As always, rumors should be taken with a grain of salt. Draft rumors, especially. But it’s going to be hard to be surprised if the Eagles end up taking Brown at some point tonight.