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Rumor: Washington looking to trade up into the top five in order to select a quarterback

NFC East bidding war?!

Army v Duke Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Football rumors are heating up as the 2019 NFL Draft rapidly approaches. The latest buzz involves one of the Philadelphia Eagles’ NFC East rivals. Multiple rumors indicate the Washington Redskins are looking to trade into the top five in order to select a quarterback.

Oh baby.

This rumor hardly seems baseless since Washington desperately needs a long-term answer under center. Alex Smith is highly unlikely to play in 2019 and there’s thought he might never suit up in the NFL again. Case Keenum obviously isn’t a viable solution for Washington and neither is Colt McCoy, who recently had to have a THIRD surgery on his previously broken leg.

So, if Washington is serious about trading up for a quarterback, which one is it? Some rumors indicate it could be Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins. Others suggest it could be ... Duke’s Daniel Jones.

Given the unpredictability of the NFL Draft, it’s hard to take these rumors as fact.

But man, the idea of Washington giving up multiple picks to move up from No. 15 overall to the top five to draft DANIEL JONES sure is fun to think about. That has the potential to be a disastrous move for one of the Eagles’ division rivals. As we’ve previously discussed here at BGN, Jones is not a very good quarterback.

Another fun angle to this Washington rumor is that it could impact what the Giants do in this year’s draft. New York is also rumored to be hot for Jones. Could the threat of a Washington trade up force Dave Gettleman into making an aggressive move to get Jones? Are we about to see an NFC East bidding war for the services of a bad quarterback?

One can only hope. Surely something interesting to keep an eye on.

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