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2019 NFL Mock Draft: New York Jets nab Quinnen Williams

With the 3rd overall pick in the 2019 Bleeding Green Nation community mock draft, New York Jets GM thealien2696 selects ...

College Football Playoff National Championship Presented By AT&T - Alabama v Clemson Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Quinnen Williams, DT, Alabama

When I picked the Jets, I wasn’t entirely sure who I would take for them. They have needs all over the board for sure. They could use more pass rush to give that defense some pop considering their best pass rusher only generated 7 sacks. They could also use an offensive tackle, someone to protect Sam Darnold from dying the death of 1,000 David Carr’s and who can give Le’Veon more than 1.2 seconds to find a hole.

And then Quinnen Williams fell directly into my lap.

Quinnen Williams is, in my humble opinion, the best player in the draft. I could see a 1A/1B argument with Bosa but I like him just a little more than I do the younger Bosa. Despite only playing one year, due to being stuck behind other 1st round NFL talent in Daron Payne and Jonathan Allen, Quinnen dominated in practically every game he played. He’s got some of the best pass rush moves I’ve seen, he’s got the strength to push offensive lineman into the backfield (or into the QB as Drew Lock knows) and he’s got a nose for the ball and never gives up on a play. This video shows how relentless he is and his ability to just dominate a game. Look at 0:40 specifically if you want to see Quinnen literally tackle Drew Lock with another man for a safety.

I understand there might be some fit concerns for Quinnen but I think they are overblown for the Jets especially considering their defensive coordinator and Quinnen’s build and talents.

First and foremost, I don’t actually believe the Jets are sticking with a 3-4... at least full time. While I’d hate to doubt the authenticity of a man who paid his players to injure people, I find it hard to believe that Gregg Williams, fresh off a season where he made the Browns look like a real football team, would take a job that fully required him to abandon the defense he has had his whole career - an aggressive pass-rushing 4-3 - for a 3-4. My personal belief is he agreed to run a 3-4 as his front defense, mainly so the Jets didn’t have to overhaul their front 7 overnight, while picking up pieces to eventually run a full 4-3. Regardless of that, I think we’ll still see the Jets run more than a few 4-3 reps this year and drafting Quinnen gives them extra ability to do this as he can easily shift inside and fill the gaping hole of IDL where the Jets have Steve McLendon and... no one else.

In the meantime, Quinnen’s height, weight and speed are more than good enough to settle in as a 3-4 DE alongside Leonard Williams who is coming into a contract year. If there are concerns he is too small to do so, it is worth noting that he is actually a little heavier than Williams. He can play the 3-4 role as his run-stopping is excellent, keeping runners confined to the first level, while also giving the Jets a potent pass rusher at a spot that 3-4 teams may not always have one.

His athletic testing backs up the points made above. Even with limited testing, he had one of the best combines ever for a DT by @MathBomb testing scoring nearly a perfect 10. He’s a versatile, athletic, and skilled player who excels in practically every area.

To be blunt, the Jets are a bad team. If they are serious about being like the Eagles, Rams, or Bears, and competing while Darnold is young and cheap than what they need above all is talent. They shouldn’t go looking for good players who fit their stated D a little better than Quinnen when they have an elite player sitting right in front of them, left there by the favor of the draft gods. Quinnen Williams has shown in his time at Bama that he’s the type of player you take and let the talent and skill make it work.

So go do the damn thing Jets.


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2019 BGN Mock Draft Order

1) Cardinals (Philliesandthebees): Kyler Murray

2) 49ers (SakPrescott): Nick Bosa

3) Jets (thealien2696): Quinnen Williams

4) Raiders (SisyphusNoMore):

5) Buccaneers (EAGLESBSU):

6) Giants (ablesser88):

7) Jaguars (20Safety_Hazards):

8) Lions (89Tremaine):

9) Bills (drc242):

10) Broncos (ItownBallers22):

11) Bengals (Phoenix X Maximus):

12) Packers (Palaniappan K M)

13) Bengals (wildcatlh):

14) Falcons (Happy24):

15) Washington (roberticus0):

16) Panthers (Triumph McCloud):

17) Giants (KevinDont):

18) Vikings (Eagles701):

19) Titans (Big Schmoopie):

20) Steelers (J. Wil):

21) Seahawks (NickfoleonDynamite):

22) Ravens (GMinTraining):

23) Texans (EaglesRock94)

24) Raiders (SummersInVA):

25) Eagles (I Need a Username):

26) Colts (Nolo0oo):

27) Raiders (SLC Eagle):

28) Chargers (LBCeaglesFan!):

29) Chiefs (Boxer Madness):

30) Packers (Kephas):

31) Rams (Matthieuck):

32) Patriots (Zett_66):

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2019 BGN Community Consensus Mock Draft

1) Cardinals: Kyler Murray

2) 49ers: Nick Bosa

3) Jets: