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100% correct Eagles schedule predictions, NFL Draft prep, Carson Wentz talk, and more

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BGN Radio Episode 46!

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Indianapolis Colts v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The 2019 NFL Draft is less than a week away and it honestly can’t come soon enough. We’ve profiled every prospect, weighed every hypothetical, and discussed every mock draft by this point.

Thankfully, the 2019 NFL schedule release gave us a brief reprieve from the upcoming draft to focus on something more important: 100% completely correct win and loss projections for the Eagles this year. Some will say picking games this early is useless but I disagree.

BGN Radio is the podcast that called the Eagles beating the Bears on a missed Cody Parkey field goal. BGN Radio is the podcast that posited Michael Bennett getting traded to the Patriots the night before it happened. It might be hard to believe but BGN Radio has never actually been wrong about anything, ever. No need to check if that’s actually true, just take my word for it.

You can [CLICK HERE TO LISTEN] to this week’s episode featuring myself and John Stolnis. Show topics include:

  • Game-by-game record predictions (spolier alert: John and I both have the Eagles making the playoffs)
  • Is this Eagles schedule easy or hard?
  • The most crucial stretch of games
  • Most and least anticipated matchups
  • Will the Eagles be able to dethrone the Cowboys in the NFC East?
  • What to make of the Eagles showing in drafting a wide receiver early
  • How Russell Wilson’s contract impacts Carson Wentz’s future and why the Eagles have every reason to get Wentz signed to an extension ASAP


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Up next: Stay tuned for more Eagles draft coverage!

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