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There’s buzz the Giants could draft Daniel Jones with the No. 6 overall pick

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NCAA Football: Duke at Pittsburgh
“I can’t believe it either.”
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Here’s a rumor for you to chew on as we’re now only six days away from the 2019 NFL Draft. According to Charles Robinson, there is at least one team with Duke’s Daniel Jones as their No. 1 quarterback on their board.

Which team? Robinson had this to say:

“And y’all know exactly who that team is.”

Oh baby. He’s talking about the New York Giants!

Indeed, Jones has often been connected to the Giants leading up this year’s draft. He’s an incredibly popular pick for New York at No. 17 overall. But if Jones is truly the Giants’ preferred heir to Eli Manning, wouldn’t they consider taking him at No. 6?

It sure seems that way.

Earlier this week, former NFL scout Daniel Jeremiah put out a mock draft with the G-Men taking Jones with New York’s first of two first-round picks.

Further, NFL insider Ian Rapoport recently had this to say about the Giants taking a quarterback at No. 6.

“[Dwayne Haskins] is the kind of player the Giants would like [as their] face of the franchise — as it seems is Daniel Jones. And, of course, the conventional wisdom now feels like the Giants will pass on a quarterback at No. 6, but it is fascinating to me the amount of people I have spoken with who now are convinced that the Giants take one at No. 6. With a week to go, this one is going to be very interesting.”

Eagles fans should be rooting hard for Jones to eventually replace Manning in New York. But don’t just take it from me. At least one Giants writer from Big Blue View has already deemed drafting Jones as a “risk at best and a potential disaster.”

At his best, in ideal circumstances and put in an environment in which he has thrived, Jones is a very limited quarterback prospect. He passes the eye test at 6-foot 5 inches, 230 pounds and possessing enough mobility to generate the occasional exciting play. But looking beyond his physique and scrambling ability, there is just not much there. Jones is at his absolute best when executing a 1-read, short-range offense. Duke catered to that with a variety of quick passes inside of 10 yards, leaning heavily on Run-Pass Option (RPO) concepts. Per Benjamin Solak’s Contextualized Quarterbacking charting, a full 64.7 percent of Jones’ targets were to receivers ten or fewer yards downfield and Jones threw to his first read 92 percent of the time. [...] There are just few good football reasons to select Jones at any point where you would feel compelled let him prove that he isn’t a franchise quarterback. Doing so courts disaster based on the hope that everything clicks and he is competent running the basics of a limited short-range offense.

This is beautiful.’s Lance Zierlein calls Jones “more of a Day 2 draft pick than Day 1.” The Draft Network has Jones ranked as their fourth best quarterback and No. 97 overall prospect.

But wait! It gets even better. It seems like part of the reason the Giants would be drafting Jones is so they don’t hurt Eli’s feelings too much.

A more realistic reason for targeting Jones is his relationship with [Duke coach David] Cutcliffe and the Mannings, and the hope that it would prevent any kind of hard feelings in the quarterback room. But while many of the Giants’ personnel moves have erred towards a preference for comfort and familiarity, letting sentiment guide your choice for the future of the most important position on the roster is pure folly. Dave Gettleman’s duty is to the future of the franchise, not Eli Manning’s feelings, and his job is to find the best quarterback he can.

Gettleman has been a pretty bad general manager for the Giants to this point. He can further cement his “legacy” by installing Jones as New York’s franchise quarterback. He’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.

The Eagles are 18-4 in their last 22 games against the Giants. For the first time in franchise history, Philly actually has a chance to lead the all-time series between these two NFC East rivals if the Eagles can beat the Giants in Week 14 (and then again in Week 17) this season. Drafting Jones could potentially ensure even more Eagles dominance over the Giants over a long period of time.

You just hate to see it!