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NFL Mock Draft 2019: Los Angeles Chargers get beefier

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With the 28th overall pick in the 2019 Bleeding Green Nation community mock draft, Los Angeles Chargers GM LBCeaglesFan! selects ...

Kent State v Clemson Photo by Todd Bennett/Getty Images

Dexter Lawrence, DT, Clemson

The Chargers made large strides last year that no one saw. The Chiefs were amazing fans and media alike with their high scoring offense and starting 4-0 while the Chargers were 2-2 (and were down 17-6 in game 5). People were already writing them off as “same old chargers”. But the chargers fought and persevered. While the chiefs were putting up 50 on Monday Night football, the Chargers were stringing together a 6-game winning streak (a task that no other team in their division could manage). The chargers played consistent, tough football. After finishing with the same record as the #1 seed in the playoffs. They unveiled a version of Quarters defense that had 4 defensive linemen, no linebackers, and 7 defensive backs. The chargers hoped they were able to contain the middle with their 4 defensive linemen and use their defense backs and their speed to contain Lamar Jackson. While this plan worked for the Ravens, the Patriots hoped and prayed for the chargers to use this defense. When the Chargers used the modified quarters, the Patriots ran the ball down their throat. Any time the Patriots ran the ball, the Patriots would get a consistent push up the middle. They wouldn’t out run anyone, but they would get a healthy running game at 4.6 yards and 4 touchdowns. Once they established the run, the defensive backs starting biting on run fakes worse than Kurt Coleman. In a NFL that is attempting to get faster, the Patriots show that the power running game is still useful, in fact they rode the running game to a Super Bowl victory (fun fact, last person to throw a touchdown in the Super Bowl is Nick Foles). If the chargers are going to run this modified Quarters defense they will have to stop the run. They need a space eater who will generate a push. They need someone to force running backs outside to the speed of the team. They need Dexter Lawrence

You can’t teach 6’4”. You can’t teach 342 (ok maybe with a few pizzas, burgers etc etc). The largest player on Clemson who earned the name “Hulk” would be a smashing addition to a stellar defensive line that includes Bosa, Ingram and Brandon Mebane. Adding Lawrence would demand double teams, take the pressure from Mebane in the middle, while forcing one on one match ups for Bosa and Ingram. They would be able to reduce the power runs up the middle and allow the Charger speed to get to the edge, creating a defense that could get pressure without blitzing, and I think that works well

Now a man-eating nose tackle like this won’t have great stats, in fact he only had 15 solo tackles, and 1.5 sacks. Hulk’s job is to smash and let everyone else shine. This pick makes an already impressive line elite. As a run stopper he already has the grade, but what about the passing grade, let me cherry pick something from Pro Football Focus like everyone else does:


  • Enormous frame with intimidating combination of size and power
  • Healthier and much quicker in 2018
  • Impressive athletic ability for his size
  • Footwork allows disruptive power to travel down the down the line
  • Agility to defeat or recover quickly from cut blocks
  • Possesses booming upper-body power
  • Disengages from single blocks whenever he wants to
  • Able to thwart seal blocks and mangle down blocks that miss the target
  • Has potential to eat double teams and let his linebackers roam free
  • Ball carriers are finished once he gets his hands on them
  • Punishing bull-rusher with leg drive to constrict pocket space


  • Has been unable to equal impressive production from freshman season
  • Average rush talent likely to limit draft value
  • Lacks looseness as rusher to find edges
  • Basic rush counters relatively ineffective
  • More reliant upon size over technique at this stage
  • Gets caved by double teams when he doesn’t sink his post
  • Inconsistent hand placement/quickness for early control at the point
  • Occasionally shortcuts flow to the ball causing him to lose his fit

How does the Hulk measure up

Oh he’s a damn monster, posting a wingspan, weight, and bench press in the 96% percentile or better. Lawrence isn’t a flashy pick. But the chargers are fine not being the flashy team. They want to beat them. They want to smash them, and what better way to smash, than with the hulk.


Do you approve of this pick?

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  • 86%
    (223 votes)
  • 13%
    (35 votes)
258 votes total Vote Now

2019 BGN Mock Draft Order

1) Cardinals (Philliesandthebees): Kyler Murray

2) 49ers (SakPrescott): Nick Bosa

3) Jets (thealien2696): Quinnen Williams

4) Raiders (SisyphusNoMore): Josh Allen

5) Buccaneers (EAGLESBSU): Montez Sweat

6) Giants (ablesser88): Dwayne Haskins

7) Jaguars (20Safety_Hazards): Jawaan Taylor

8) Lions (89Tremaine): Ed Oliver

9) Bills (drc242): Jonah Williams

10) Broncos (ItownBallers22): Devin White

11) Bengals (Phoenix X Maximus): Cody Ford

12) Packers (Palaniappan K M): Brian Burns

13) Dolphins (wildcatlh): Andre Dillard

14) Falcons (Happy24): Rashan Gary

15) Washington (roberticus01): D.K. Metcalf

16) Panthers (JALupowitz): Clelin Ferrell

17) Giants (KevinDont): Devin Bush

18) Vikings (Eagles701): Noah Fant

19) Titans (Big Schmoopie): Christian Wilkins

20) Steelers (J. Wil): T.J. Hockenson

21) Seahawks (NickfoleonDynamite): Chauncey Gardner-Johnson

22) Ravens (GMinTraining): N’Keal Harry

23) Texans (EaglesRock94): Byron Murphy

24) Raiders (SummersInVA): Greedy Williams

25) Eagles (I Need a Username): Garrett Bradbury

26) Colts (Nolo0oo): A.J. Brown

27) Raiders (SLC Eagle): Josh Jacobs

28) Chargers (LBCeaglesFan!): Dexter Lawrence

29) Chiefs (Boxer Madness):

30) Packers (Kephas):

31) Rams (Matthieuck):

32) Patriots (Zett_66):

Now it’s time for you to vote for who YOU think the Chargers should pick in the 2019 BGN Community Consensus Mock Draft.


Who should the Chargers draft at No. 28 overall?

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  • 56%
    Dexter Lawrence
    (85 votes)
  • 19%
    Jerry Tillery
    (30 votes)
  • 7%
    Jeffery Simmons
    (12 votes)
  • 11%
    Dalton Risner
    (17 votes)
  • 4%
    Kaleb McGary
    (7 votes)
151 votes total Vote Now

2019 BGN Community Consensus Mock Draft

1) Cardinals: Kyler Murray

2) 49ers: Nick Bosa

3) Jets: Quinnen Williams

4) Raiders: Josh Allen

5) Buccaneers: Montez Sweat

6) Giants: Dwayne Haskins

7) Jaguars: Jawaan Taylor

8) Lions: Ed Oliver

9) Bills: Jonah Williams

10) Broncos: Devin White

11) Bengals: Devin Bush

12) Packers: T.J. Hockenson

13) Dolphins: Andre Dillard

14) Falcons: Rashan Gary

15) Washington: Drew Lock

16) Panthers: Clelin Ferrell

17) Giants: Brian Burns

18) Vikings: Noah Fant

19) Titans: Christian Wilkins

20) Steelers: D.K. Metcalf

21) Seahawks: Chauncey Gardner-Johnson

22) Ravens: N’Keal Harry

23) Texans: Cody Ford

24) Raiders: Greedy Williams

25) Eagles: Garrett Bradbury

26) Colts: A.J. Brown

27) Raiders: Josh Jacobs

28) Chargers: