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Pros and cons of the Eagles’ 2019 schedule

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Some good, some really bad ...

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles’ 2019 schedule is out (click here) and my first impression is ... there is some good and some bad. Let’s take a closer looks at those pros and cons.


  • The Eagles open their season at home against Washington. I like kicking off the season against an NFC East rival. A Week 1 division win has the potential to set a nice tone for the season, just as it did for the Eagles in 2017. Also doesn’t hurt to ease into the year by facing Case Keenum.
  • After flying home from Buffalo on October 27, the Eagles will only have to board a plane twice in the final nine weeks: the three-hour flight to Miami and then back home.
  • The Eagles have three straight home games: Week 9, Week 11, Week 12. Including their Week 10 bye, that’s four consecutive weeks they won’t have to leave Philly.
  • The Eagles have a chance to get hot at the right time with the following final five games: at Dolphins, versus Giants, at Washington, versus Cowboys, at Giants. If Philly can weather tougher stretches earlier in the season, they’ll have a nice opportunity to make a playoff push with a strong finish.
  • It’s not like MetLife Stadium has been a tough place for the Eagles to play but it’s good that a potentially meaningless Week 17 game against the Giants takes place on the road instead of at home. It could mean that there’s only seven road games that truly matter.
  • The Eagles don’t play any teams coming off Thursday Night Football (10 days rest).
  • The Eagles have extra rest heading into their Week 5 game against the Jets since they play on Thursday Night Football in Week 4.
  • A Week 10 bye is preferable to that wacky Week 4 bye the Eagles had in 2016.
  • The Eagles have at least five primetime games for the third year in a row. It’s always nice to see games being more accessible to Eagles fans across the world.


  • The Eagles are one of two NFL clubs that’ll have to play three teams coming off their bye: the Jets in Week 5, the Patriots in Week 11, and the Seahawks in Week 12. The silver lining is that two of those are AFC East teams and interconference games are the least important games on the schedule. Also, the Patriots and Eagles have a bye on the same weekend so it’s not like New England will have extra rest over Philly. But it also means the Eagles won’t have a bye that gives them a rest advantage over an opponent.
  • The Eagles are the only team in the NFL that has to play three straight road games: at Vikings, at Cowboys, at Bills. Playing three straight weeks on the road isn’t easy. An October 2017 post from Niners Nation shows that teams were 35-69 straight up in their third straight road game over the last decade.
  • The Eagles have a short week on the road against an already tough opponent in the Packers. It’s their fifth road Thursday Night Football game in six years. By comparison, the Cowboys have played ZERO Thursday road games on short rest in the same stretch. This is exactly why the Eagles originally proposed making Dallas play on the road on Thanksgiving every other year. The NFL continues to give the Cowboys a completely unnecessary and unfair advantage. And, Cowboys fans, you can shut up about the “but Dallas has to play three games in 11 days!” So what? None of the teams they’re playing have a rest advantage over them.
  • Having to play the Patriots and Seahawks in back-to-back weeks seems pretty tough on paper.
  • The Eagles will be at a rest disadvantage in Week 15 against Washington after playing the Giants on Monday Night Football in Week 14.
  • The Eagles don’t play any teams coming off Monday Night Football the week before.


BGN alumnus Jimmy Kempski said it well:

Despite these disadvantages, I still think the Eagles will be able to have success in 2019. If I’m wrong and they fail to meet expectations, I’ll simply role out the negatives here to excuse their shortcomings. Pretty convenient!

What say you?


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