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Eagles reportedly won’t be playing on Thanksgiving after all

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No Turkey Day football for Philly.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles won’t be playing on Thanksgiving this year after all.

Back in February, John Ourand of the Sports Business Journal said the following during a Sports Illustrated podcast:

“I didn’t actually write about this but I have head that Minnesota vs. Philadelphia is one that’s in play. It’s not dead set, but I’m told that it’s pretty likely.”

Well, it’s not happening. Jeff Duncan of reports the Thanksgiving night game will feature the Atlanta Falcons hosting the New Orleans Saints. The Inquirer’s Jeff McLane is reporting confirmation that the Eagles will NOT be playing on Turkey Day.

Previous reports indicate the other two Thanksgiving games are scheduled to feature the Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions and the Miami Dolphins at Dallas Cowboys. (The Cowboys’ unfair advantage continues.)

It would’ve been fun to watch the Eagles give Vikings fans something more to whine about on Thanksgiving but unfortunately it won’t be happening. The two teams will meet in Minnesota some other time in 2019.