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Former NFL doctor says Carson Wentz hasn’t suffered a setback

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Good to know.

Washington Redskins v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Carson Wentz’s comments from Monday about how his fractured vertebrae still isn’t fully healed have caused some anxiety.

With the NFL regular season still five months away, it’s way too early to full out panic. But given how important Wentz is to the Philadelphia Eagles’ overall success, it’s natural that there’s concern when he’s anything less than 100%. Especially when Doug Pederson previously said Wentz’s injury would take three months to heal back in December and it’s now been longer than that.

Former NFL doctor David J. Chao recently wrote a column seeking to quell worries about Wentz. He says there’s been no setback in No. 11’s recovery. Via the San Diego Union-Tribune:

The fan base should not freak out if it doesn’t happen. When dealing with a spondyolysis (back stress fracture) injury, it is better to be safe than sorry, as rushing it could lead to a permanent non-healing injury that could require surgery. Wentz does say that he is “feeling good,” “taking it week by week” and that he’s started “throwing some” and “running some.” Indeed, waiting for a stress fracture to heal is slower than watching grass grow. So it is not time for Eagles fans to panic. It simply remains something to watch.

Wentz said “there’s really no timetable” for his recovery but being ready for the start of OTA practices on Tuesday, May 21 is “the goal.” Wentz has more than another month to heal before that date arrives. We’ll see where he’s at in 35 days from now.


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