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Eagles News: Ryan Tannehill as Carson Wentz’s backup?

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 3/6/19.

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Nate’s Competition - Iggles Blitz
Ryan Tannehill would make a lot of sense for the Eagles. He has been a starter for his whole career so he’s got a lot of experience. Tannehill will turn 31 this summer. He’s never played in a playoff game. He’s only experienced one winning season. Tannehill might be willing to come to the Eagles to be a backup so he’d have a chance to win. He might look for a starting job elsewhere, but I’m not sure how many options he would have. Tannehill has the size the Eagles like. He throws a good deep ball and he’s still a solid athlete. He caught a short TD pass this year so Philly Special would still be an option with him. He’s been an effective starter for Miami, but hasn’t panned out as a QB you build a franchise around. He does have the potential to be a good backup. I know some of you will hate this idea. I get that to a certain extent, but I’m not sure what you want in a backup QB. Foles came to the Eagles after hitting rock bottom with the Rams and then starting a single game with the Chiefs. He was hardly considered some great QB when the Eagles signed him in 2017.

State of the Eagles: New League Year 2019 - BGN
From a practical standpoint, I’m on the fence about how to feel about Howie’s constant manipulation of the salary cap. On one hand, nobody gets a trophy for having the most cap space. On the other hand, it’s only been a few short years since we were all mocking Jerry Jones for doing pretty much exactly what Howie has been doing for the past two seasons. He’s continued that trend this year, as I have no idea how he’s going to address the team’s considerable needs and pay Graham all of that money, but I’ve also stopped portending to have the slightest idea of what “the Bear Jew” is planning. Howie is a professional, and the ultimate big picture guy who plans out every move far in advance and then meticulously ensuring all of the pieces fall into place. He is truly a roster management mastermind, even if his player evaluation skills were somewhat lacking prior to the hiring of Joe Douglas. Ultimately, until he gives me reason to doubt him, In Howie I Trust. But that doesn’t mean I won’t have a nagging (if distant) fear that the other shoe will drop when Carson is in his prime and needs the “win now” pieces to make a second (third? fourth? fifth?) run at a Lombardi Trophy.

A look around the NFC East at what each team did at the franchise tag deadline - PhillyVoice
Lol, what?!? If a player gets hurt during the season, it’s not like there will be good players just waiting to sign these multi-million dollar deals. What street free agent is going to be demanding anything remotely close to $10 million, much less anything more than the NFL minimum? I said it in our Giants dumpster fire piece last summer, and I’ll say it again -- I’m sorry, Giants fans, but your general manager has no idea what he’s doing, and your franchise is going to be a disaster until your ownership realizes the mistake they made in hiring him.

Winners and losers from the 2019 NFL franchise-tag deadline - ESPN
I have heard the Giants’ reasoning, and you’ll read and hear plenty of their spin in the coming weeks and months. He’s not great in one-on-one pass coverage, general manager Dave Gettleman believes in spending on the lines and not the secondary, they were worried he’d hold out of camp and make a stink, blah, blah, blah. None of it trumps the Ernie Accorsi mantra to which Gettleman selectively claims to adhere: “You don’t quit on talent.” I’ll expand that to, “You don’t quit on talented 25-year-old playmakers who are locker room leaders and fan favorites.” The Giants were 24th in total defense last season and just let their best defensive player walk out of the building without even a whiff of an effort to keep him. If they’re rebuilding, they’re doing it a year too late (and should have traded him for something last October). And even if they’re rebuilding, Collins is the kind of player they can build around. But hey, you don’t miss the playoffs six out of the past seven seasons by making great offseason decisions, do you?

Good start, with critical week ahead for Eagles -
But this much is safe to say: The Eagles won’t be sitting out free agency. They’ve got a plan that they’re actively following. There are going to be a lot of zig-zags ahead, but that’s par for this time of the year. We’re a week out now. Things are going to move quickly. The Eagles, off to a strong start to their offseason roster plans, are going to be pushing the envelope in the days to come.

NFL free agency 2019: Where will Golden Tate play next season? Six potential landing spots - CBS Sports
This is almost entirely dependent on a couple things: Either a trade or restructured contract of Nelson Agholor, or an unexpectedly poor market for Tate. The Eagles talked up Agholor at the combine, and their former first-rounder has had his moments. But the team might prefer retaining Tate -- who quickly formed a bond with Wentz and cost the Eagles a third-round pick -- if Agholor doesn’t agree to a lower salary. Tate has been public about his desire to stay in Philly. The holdup is whether Philly wants or needs him back. For now, it’s a long shot, but if circumstances align, the Eagles remain a top landing spot for 2019.

The Eagles will give Jason Peters another chance to defy time, and it’s inspiring to see - Inquirer
That’s the heartening part, the inspirational part, of Peters’ refusal to go gently into retirement. He has found the job he was meant to do, and he has found ways to keep doing it — to cast aside what no longer works, to overcome some substantial obstacles, to pick up new skills and subtleties, to use his accumulated experiences and wisdom. Perhaps one has to be at a similar stage of life or career to appreciate that journey, or perhaps one simply has to have been around Jason Peters enough, or someone like him, to recognize it when they see it. I will be hoping that he returns to the Eagles, and that he plays a full season and more and plays well, not because of what it would mean to his football team, but because of what it would signify to him, and to the rest of us.

Eagles can’t just try to reconstruct the Super Bowl team - NBCSP
That’s the type of answer that should instill confidence in any fans who read it. Absolutely, the Eagles should take lessons from that season. They would be foolish not to. They would be foolish to not take lessons from every season, good or bad. So the part about chemistry holds true and that won’t change. Chemistry will always be important. But the idea that the NFL is always changing and evolving is also true. Just look at offensive numbers in the league. In 2017, the Eagles averaged 28.6 points per game, good for second in the league behind just the Rams at 29.9. But last season, three teams averaged over 30 points per game. The league average in 2018 was 23.3, the third highest in NFL history. It’s not necessarily a trend yet, but it certainly seems like it could become one.

Disastrous NFL Offseason Moves Are Everywhere, but Can Anyone Stop Them? - B/R
Most likely scenario: Foles provides stable-but-ordinary quarterback play at a mega-premium price, trapping the Jaguars in wild-card purgatory for a few years while their great defense grows older and more expensive (aka The Cousins Paradox).

I covered the Jaguars: If they don’t get players for Nick Foles, he could be in big trouble -
Nick Foles has had some pretty remarkable runs in his career but he’s always been someone who can move things along as opposed to putting the team on his back. The Eagles surrounded him with talent all over the place, especially on the offensive line and in weapons, and as the Jaguars roster currently stands, he’d have to do more heavy lifting. That failed when he tried with the Rams, though maybe Jeff Fisher is partially to blame for that.

Nick Foles isn’t nearly enough to fix the Jaguars - SB Nation
And that’s been the problem for much of Foles’ roller-coaster career: It’s impossible to guess which version of the quarterback is going to show up. That could be why the Jaguars are reportedly bidding against themselves for his services — although it’s still too early to assume no other teams will be interested. Foles’ career passer rating is just 88.5, a step up from Bortles’ career mark of 80.6. Much like Foles, Bortles’ problem in the NFL has been inconsistency. Bortles had eight games with a passer rating over 100 in the last two seasons and seven games with a rating below 60. Ideally for the Jaguars, they’re getting a 30-year-old version of Foles who will have fewer ups and downs than he did earlier in his career. But most indications are that they’re signing another inconsistent quarterback and expecting him to play well in a bad offense.


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