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Darren Sproles gives an update on his future with the Eagles

Will No. 43 be back in 2019?

NFL: Houston Texans at Philadelphia Eagles James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

Will Darren Sproles be back with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2019?

It sure sounds like it’s possible. The veteran free agent running back recently told Dave Weinberg of the Press of Atlantic City that he’s been in discussions with the Eagles to potentially return for another season.

“We’ve had some talks. I’m going to wait until May before I make my decision. We’ll have to see.”

Doug Pederson was asked about Sproles’ status at the NFL owners meetings last week. A look back at his comments and my read on them:

Doug said he still wants Sproles back in 2019. He also said that he’s unsure if Sproles still wants to play.

The feeling here is that Doug is being genuine; I’m sure he’d love to have Sproles on this year’s roster. I also feel like Sproles is open to playing again, especially since ESPN reported as much back in January.

The only question: is the front office willing to re-sign Sproles? Howie Roseman previously made it sound like Pederson had to convince him to bring back Sproles last year. Now Sproles will be turning 36 in June as he comes off another injury-plagued season.

I’d think the front office views Sproles as a backup plan if they can’t address the running back position adequately enough by the end of the 2019 NFL Draft. We’ll see, though.

The Eagles still need to address the running back position despite trading for Jordan Howard. They have a clear need for a third down back who can contribute as a pass catcher. In an ideal world, the Eagles will be able to find a dynamic talent in this year’s draft. If they fail to do so, they could always re-sign Sproles.

And so I guess we’ll see what happens when May rolls around.

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