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Eagles hope to have Kelly Green alternate uniform ready for 2020 NFL season

Your annual uniform update.

Green Bay Packers v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles are hopeful they’ll be able to wear Kelly Green alternate jerseys during the 2020 NFL season. Team owner Jeffery Lurie told reporters as much on Tuesday evening:

The possibility of a Kelly Green revival originally emerged when the Eagles proposed a helmet rule change during the 2017 NFL owners meetings. Under the current rules, the Eagles could only wear their standard midnight green helmet with Kelly Green jerseys, which would look dumb.

In 2018, Lurie reiterated that the team was still pushing for Kelly Green alternates but he wasn’t able to offer a timetable. It seems we might have one now, though, if his hopeful target date for 2020 is realistic.

The push for the return of Kelly Green isn’t just limited to ownership and Philly fans. Earlier this offseason, Eagles wide receiver Alshon Jeffery campaigned to bring back KG. Jalen Mills did the same back in 2017.

If Bleeding Green Nation polling is any indication, the desire for Kelly Green surely exists. It’s the preferred alternate option over the Eagles’ current all-black getup.

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