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Young Eagles fans re-enact the Philly Special for their school’s talent show

SO cute.


It seems pretty safe to say that the Philly Special will be celebrated in many forms for the rest of time, as the city of Philadelphia will never get over their first Super Bowl win.

Helping cement the iconic play lives on for eternity, is passing down the wonderful moment to younger generations. Which is exactly what happened when some kids decided to re-enact the special moment for their school’s talent show.

From the actual audio of the play, to the little Doug Pederson rocking a visor, these kids nailed it. Sure, there was a little hiccup on the snap and throw from little Trey Burton, but they finished up their skit with the Eagles fight song, so it’s a win in my book.

We don’t know if these kids ended up winning the talent show, but they’ve at least helped ensure that the Philly Special remains relevant for people of all ages.

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