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NFC East Positional Power Rankings - Center

Well this one shouldn’t be a surprise.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Today we’re going to be covering one of the most underrated positions in the sport. The center is one of just two players who touch the ball on every snap and usually acts as the captain of the offensive line. It’s because of this importance I saved this position for last among the offensive players.

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1. Jason Kelce - Philadelphia Eagles

2018 Stats: 0 Sacks - 2 Hit - 8 Hurries Allowed | 6 Penalties
PFF Grade: 84.9
Key Stat: Allowed the QB to be pressured on just 1.6% of pass blocking snaps (4th best among centers)

Jason Kelce is the best center in the NFL. I know it. You know it. The Eagles know it. The Associated Press knows it. Pro Football Focus knows it. Pro-Football-Reference knows it. Who doesn’t you ask? The Pro Bowl voters. They’re dumb and wrong. Kelce was yet again an animal in both pass blocking and run blocking. His “off the field intangibles” are also of note. Kelce will play at least one more year in front of the best fans in the world and I couldn’t be happier about it.

2. Travis Frederick - Dallas Cowboys

2017 Stats: 0 Sacks - 3 Hit - 9 Hurries Allowed | 4 Penalties
2017 PFF Grade: 86.2
Key Stat: Missed Entire 2018 Season due to Guillain-Barré Syndrome

So here’s the thing. As a guy who fancies himself to be a good-hearted person, it’s great to hear that Frederick is feeling better and reportedly set to return to the Cowboys for the 2019 season. As a lifelong Eagles fan, however, it isn’t the worst thing to have Dallas missing an All-Pro for 16 games. There is no denying that when he is healthy, the 28-year-old Frederick is one of the best in the business and it’ll be good to see him back in action in the coming season.

3. Chase Roullier - Washington

2018 Stats: 1 Sacks - 3 Hit - 15 Hurries Allowed | 5 Penalties
PFF Grade: 62.1
Key Stat: RBs gained 3.5 yards per snap when running off Roullier in 2018.

Roullier was the only offensive lineman to play every snap for the Washington Football Team in 2018, which is a pretty impressive feat in it’s own right. He played at all three interior positions and looked to be pretty solid in pass blocking scenarios. At just 25 years old, the Redskins might have found themselves a solid player in the 6th round. They don’t get much right so enjoy it while it lasts, Washington fans.

4. Jon Halapio - New York Giants

2018 Stats: 0 Sacks - 0 Hit - 0 Hurries Allowed | 0 Penalties
PFF Grade: 69.4 (unqualified)
Key Stat: Took just 116 Offensive Snaps

Halapio played just 116 snaps last year, but for what it’s worth, graded out very well as a pass blocker. It appears Halapio will be given the chance to start again after missing most of 2018 with a broken leg and ankle, but with the recent resigning of Spencer Pulley he will have to play well to keep his spot.


All in all, the NFC East has a pretty loaded group of centers when compared to some of the other divisions in the NFL. While there is some uncertainty as to who will play at the position next year for the Cowboys and Giants, it’s nice to know that us Eagles fans can sleep well at night knowing Jason Kelce will do his best on every play in 2019. Thanks to Pro Football Focus for all statistics involved in this article. Stay tuned to BGN as the series covers it’s first defensive position with the Safeties of the NFC East.

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