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Jason Kelce, Eagles agree to one-year extension

So much for those retirement rumors.

NFL: Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles are wasting no time securing some of their top players this offseason, with the team agreeing to a one-year extension with center Jason Kelce through 2021. Kelce was already under contract for two more seasons, but this move likely frees up some cap space for the already strapped Eagles.

Originally the center wasn’t entirely sure if he was going to come back for 2019, but now those rumors can go away.

According to the team site, Kelce was excited about the gesture by his team and is happy to stay in Philadelphia:

“Obviously, it’s a tremendous gesture by the team,” Kelce said in an exclusive telephone interview on Saturday morning. “They didn’t have to do anything like this. I’m really happy to be in Philadelphia – I have been my whole career. I love being part of this organization. For everything to continue to go this week, for the team to be how good it is, for the coaches to be as good as they are, I just feel extremely lucky to be in this situation.

“I thought, after I signed my second contract, that I didn’t know that there would be a third contract. I’ve always taken this one year at a time. Being a sixth-round draft pick, I didn’t have expectations, really. I was just like, ‘Let’s go to work and see how everything turns out.’ It’s pretty crazy when you look back at things to realize that you’re going on Year 9 and on your third contract in the NFL. It’s kind of a surreal feeling when you look back on it.”

He’s absolutely one of the anchors for Philadelphia’s offensive line and his return will go a long way in making sure Carson Wentz is well-protected this fall. Kelce has battled through injury to stay in the lineup and is one of the best centers in the team’s history.

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