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NFL Combine Diary 2019: 5 observations from Day 3 in Indianapolis

Things are thinning out now that the QBs are done.

Saturday’s are a bit quieter around the Convention Center, with the defensive lineman and linebackers speaking to the media, but Day 3 still has it’s perks

1 - The media herd begins to thin

There are significantly fewer reporters in the interview room on Day 3. It seems like once the quarterbacks are done speaking, everyone disperses — which is weird when so many NFL teams could benefit from some defensive line help.

Still, you’ve got the coaches and team execs mostly over at Lucas Oil Stadium watching the quarterbacks and wide receivers compete in on-field drills, so the scrum for access is considerably less.

2 - I’m not the only lazy one

I ran into some Columbus media friends from Letterman Row, and they assured me I was not the only one complaining about the long trek from the interview room to the media work room. Not that I felt bad about complaining, but it’s good to know my laziness isn’t that much greater than the average media person. #Goals

3 - Excuses, excuses

The bench press area isn’t a credential-only event, so there’s just a rope separating that group from the interview area. These guys (not the fine military folks) tried the old, “Oh damn, I left my credentials in the car” ... it didn’t work.

4 - Keeping an eye on the Eagles

I mentioned in my Day 2 diary post that branding is everywhere. You can instantly tell which people are with a team, and represent them either as scouts or as part of their media members. This becomes increasingly interesting when you see guys in Eagles polos asking questions of players. Whether that means it’s an actual player of interest for the team, or if they are just trying to bank some information on as many prospects as possible, is tougher to discern, but it’s definitely interesting to see which players they are focused on.

5 - It’s all about the shoes

I am super into the bright-colored shoes players where for their on-field drills.

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