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Relive the Double Doink with one of the greatest troll jobs you’ll ever see

He might not be an Eagles fan, but it is still a piece of art.

St. Patrick’s Day was just a few days ago, and Chicago is one of the notable cities that does it up big for the holiday, even dying the Chicago River green.

With recent memories of the Bears losing in the playoffs to the Eagles thanks to the Double Doink by kicker Cody Parkey, that green river served an unintended purpose: Ian Mueller (@Ianmueller) turned it into a green screen for a pretty incredible troll job.

It seems that the creator isn’t even an Eagles fan, just a Packers fan who wanted to remind the city of Chicago that the Bears whiffed in the most crucial point on their season.

Eagles fans and Packers fans can enjoy this creative way of reminding the Bears of a moment they are sure to want to forget.

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