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DeSean Jackson confirms he’ll be back wearing his No. 10 jersey with the Eagles


Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Redskins Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

It’s time to dust off your old DeSean Jackson jerseys, Eagles fans.

Speaking during his Thursday morning press conference, Jackson confirmed he WILL be wearing the No. 10 jersey now he’s back in Philadelphia.

The No. 10 jersey was previously being worn by Mack Hollins, who has had it since he was selected by the Eagles in 2017 NFL Draft.

“We worked it out,” said Jackson. “I was definitely talking to Mack. I appreciate him letting me get that number back. So, I’ll do some cool things for the receiver corps. But yeah, that number man, I don’t know much I’ve got to argue about that. I did some great things in that number. So it’s definitely good to have that number back. [...] We worked it out. It’s all good. I’m back in the ten.”

Perhaps DeSean gave Mack a small cut of his new contract.

Jackson hasn’t worn No. 10 since the Eagles released him back in 2014. He wore No. 11 for the past five seasons; three with the Redskins and two with the Buccaneers.

It remains to be seen what jersey number Hollins will wear now. The feeling here is that No. 80 or No. 81 could be a strong choice for him.

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