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Reactions to DeSean Jackson returning to the Eagles

He’s back.

Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Redskins

DeSean Jackson is a member of the Philadelphia Eagles once again.

Feels kind of surreal, right? His last year on the team — 2013 — feels so long ago now. So much has changed in that span. Chip Kelly got fired. Howie Roseman lost his job and got it job back. Nick Foles got traded away and then came back to Philly as a backup to Carson Wentz ... only to become the first Super Bowl MVP in franchise history.

Now Jackson is back to try to get a ring of his own. Heck, he’s still looking for his first career playoff win since 2008.

And he’s happy to be back in Philly to hopefully make it happen.

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Gotta luv it

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Several of Jackson’s Eagles teammates have already welcomed him back to Philly despite the fact the trade won’t be official until Wednesday at 4:00 PM ET. Starting with Jackson’s new quarterback:

Here are some more reactions to the exciting Jackson news:

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