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Dave Spadaro says there’s “no chance” the Eagles sign Le’Veon Bell

The Eagles Insider has spoken.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Houston Texans Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Eagles insider Dave Spadaro doesn’t usually break news, but he’s obviously close to the team, and he seems pretty emphatic in his recent take on whether Le’Veon Bell will land in Philadelphia.

Despite other rumors that the Eagles were interested Bell — although, it’s no surprise that Howie Roseman and the team’s front office kick the tires on just about every potential free agent — Spadaro’s strong denial of the chance makes this long shot even little less likely.

Sure, this doesn’t mean that he actually has any concrete information on the matter, but he usually doesn’t make such definitive claims if the door was even a little open on the possibility.

Bell is one of pricier free agents on the market, and based on his decision to sit out in 2018, he doesn’t appear to be willing to take anything less than what he deems an appropriate value for his talent. The Eagles have made moves to free up cap space, but it’d be surprising for them to put so much of their available money in a player who has been away from the game for a year. Although, that certainly hasn’t stopped a plethora of Eagles players from reaching out to the running back to try and increase his interest in Philadelphia.

It looks like the Jets and Bears could be the teams to watch for Bell instead.

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