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NFL Combine 2019 recap: Potential Eagles wide receiver targets

Breaking: D.K. Metcalf is still very, very big.

While the running back and offensive lineman were going through the on-field drill portion of the 2019 NFL Combine, it was the wide receivers turn to talk to the media on Friday afternoon, and we caught up with a couple of potential Eagles targets to hear what they had to say.

Marquise Brown (Oklahoma)

Brown fielded a bunch of questions about being a receiver for both Baker Mayfield and then Kyler Murray. He also talked about how Baker’s success his rookie season helped pave the way, not just for Murray, but for other players out of Oklahoma as well, and other short(er) quarterbacks.

He was asked if it was a childhood dream of his to play for the Dolphins, but he noted that where he’s from a childhood dream is making it to college, “the NFL is just surreal, it’s a bonus”.

On what sets him apart from other wide receivers in this draft class, Brown said he feels like he’s the most explosive, most dynamic playmaker. He wouldn’t say whether he envisioned himself as a No. 1 receiver, rather that he sees himself as a football player. He said whatever team takes him is going to get his 100% whether he’s the No. 1 or No. 2 receiver on the roster, he’s going to do whatever they need him to.

He also acknowledged that his recovery is going well after suffering a lower leg injury in the Big 12 Championship game against Texas, but that he won’t be fully cleared until camp. Brown will, however, be able to start running again around April/May.

He was asked to talk about what a week of film study looked like for him, and he explained that Sunday they watched the game they just had, critique and learn from that. Monday he looked at the scout report of the next team, look at the DBs and the third-down tendencies. Tuesday, he’ll study the DBs and what they like to do, and on Wednesday he’d go back to their game plan and what they can do against that specific opponent. Thursday and Friday was to go back and go through what they’d been reviewing.

On his favorite day of the week: Tuesday practice, because they go hard in practice and that practice is what lets him know if he’ll be ready for Saturday.

He also noted that he’s met with the Bills and is scheduled to meet with the Browns as well.

Parris Cambell (Ohio State)

The Buckeye wideout doesn’t have a ton of route-running on film due to him mostly playing H-back at Ohio State, but that isn’t something he’s worried about in terms of talking to NFL teams. He also noted that he’s excited for the opportunity to show his skills in that area during the on-field section of the Combine.

Honestly, I wouldn’t say so just because at Ohio State I wasn’t asked to run a variety of routes, which is just playing the H position. But tomorrow I get a chance to put those outside routes on film, allow those coaches to see them, that’ll be a huge positive for me.

Early on in his Ohio State career, there was some concern about his catching ability, but he worked hard on that over the years and isn’t concerned about that moving forward. Not only did his film from last season absolve most of those questions, but he’s taken it upon himself to try and be as prepared as possible for all sorts of situations.

But, just for myself, I try to replicate those complicated catches, the tough catches, not just standing in front of the jug machine. I try to work on over the shoulder catches, working on throw-bys, and over the shoulders -- things of that nature. I just try to make it complicated to try and see the ball from every angle, so that way when I’m in the situation, I’ve seen every angle, seen every catch and that way it becomes natural to me.

He also played with a lot of NFL defensive talent while in Columbus, including guys like Marshon Lattimore, Denzel Ward, Vonn Bell, and lots of others, and working with them and with WR coach Brian Hartline, he’s very confident in his ability to read coverages.

Just from this past year, working with Coach Hartline, he brought a whole new aspect to my game. He played this great game at the highest level for 7-8 years and excelled at it, so just what he brought back to our receiver room and reading different coverages whether it’s inside or outside, it just brought a whole new life to it. I’m confident in my ability to read defenses now and looking for little tells.

With his on-field workout, Campbell could definitely be a guy the Eagles are interested in come time for the draft. Especially with his ability to gain yards after the catch, if the team doesn’t end up re-signing Golden Tate, Campbell could be a good replacement in that role.

D.K. Metcalf (Mississippi)

The very muscle-y wide receiver talked about meeting with various coaches and general managers like Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock, and how it was a blessing to be in their presence and just talk football and be himself in interviews.

He talked a bit about all of the football players in his family, like Eric and Terry Metcalf, but when asked between all his relatives — including his father and uncle — who the strongest player was in their peak, he (of course) answered himself.

For people who may say that he’s too big to be a receiver, he says they haven’t met him yet or seen what he can do on the field. They can compare him to other big receivers who may not have been successful, but they haven’t seen him yet. His body has also developed a lot since he joined the Mississippi football staff, saying that he came out of high school at 5% body fat and tested the other day at 1.6%. He also said he’s willing to play at whatever weight the coach and team wants him to be.

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