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On the anniversary of the Eagles’ Super Bowl parade, let’s re-watch Jason Kelce deliver the greatest speech of all time


Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles Victory Parade Photo by Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images

February 8, 2018 was one of the greatest days of our lives. That mythical phrase — “a Super Bowl parade down Broad Street” — no longer existed merely as a dream. It was a reality.

As we look back on the anniversary of the EaglesSuper Bowl parade, one would be remiss not to savor the best moment of the entire day ... Jason Kelce’s epic, uncensored speech from the Art Museum steps.


If you love the Eagles, let me get a “hell yeah.”

If you love the Eagles, let me get a “hell yeah.”

I’m going to take a second to talk to you about underdogs. I know Lane and Chris just talked about this, but I don’t think it’s been beat home enough.

Howie Roseman, a few years ago, was relinquished of all control pretty much in this organization … He was put in the side of the building where I didn’t see him for over a year.

Two years ago, when they made a decision, he came out of there a different man. He came out of there with a purpose and a drive to make this possible. And I saw a different Howie Roseman. An underdog.

Doug Pederson.

When Doug Pederson was hired, he was rated as the worst coaching hire by a lot of freaking analysts out there in the media. This past off-season, some clown named Mike Lombardi told him that he was the least-qualified head coach in the NFL.

You saw a driven Doug Pederson, a man who went for it on fourth and down, went for it on fourth and down … in the Super Bowl … with a trick play. He wasn’t playing just to go mediocre. He’s playing for a Super Bowl. And it don’t stop with him. It does not stop with him.

Jason Peters was told he was too old, didn’t have it anymore. Before he got hurt, he was the best freaking tackle in the NFL.

Big V was told he didn’t have it.

Stefen Wisniewski ain’t good enough.

Jason Kelce is too small.

Lane Johnson can’t lay off the juice.

Brandon Brooks has anxiety.

Carson Wentz didn’t go to a Division I school.

Nick Foles don’t got it.

Corey Clement’s too slow.

LeGarrette Blount ain’t got it anymore.

Jay Ajayi can’t stay healthy.

Torrey Smith can’t catch.

Nelson Agholor can’t catch.

Zach Ertz can’t block.

Brent Celek’s too old.

Brandon Graham was drafted too high.

Vinny Curry ain’t got it.

Beau Allen can’t fit the scheme.

Mychal Kendricks can’t fit the scheme.

Nigel Bradham can’t catch.

Jalen Mills can’t cover.

Patrick Robinson can’t cover.

It’s the whole team! It’s the whole team!!!

This entire organization, with a bunch of driven men who accomplished something. We were a bunch of underdogs. And you know what an underdog is? It’s a hungry dog. And Jeff Stoutland has had this in our building for five years — it’s a quote in the O-line room that has stood on the wall for the last five years — “Hungry dogs run faster.” And that’s this team.

Bottom line is, we wanted it more. All the players. All the coaches. The front office. Jeffrey Lurie. Everybody wanted it more. And that’s why we’re up here today. And that’s why we’re the first team in Eagles history to hold that freaking trophy.

Any of you know who the biggest underdog is? It’s y’all, Philadelphia.

For 52 years, y’all have been waiting for this.

You want to talk about an underdog? You want to talk about a hungry dog? For 52 years you’ve been starved of this championship.

Everybody wonders why we’re so mean. Everybody wonders why the Philadelphia Eagles’ aren’t the nicest fans. If I don’t eat breakfast, I’m fucking pissed off!

No one wanted us.

No one liked this team.

No analyst liked this team to win the Super Bowl and nobody likes our fans.

And you know what? I just heard one of the best chants this past day, and it’s one of my favorites and it’s new, and I hope you learn it. Because I’m about to drop it right now.

You know what I got to say to all those people who doubted us, all those people that counted us out, and everybody who said we couldn’t get it done? What my man Jay Ajayi just said: FUCK YOU!

“No one likes us, no one likes us, no one likes us, we don’t care! We’re from Philly, fucking Philly, no one likes us, we don’t care.! No one likes us, no one likes us, no one likes us, we don’t care! We’re from Philly, fucking Philly, no one likes us, we don’t care!


Man. Watching that will never not make me emotional.

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