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Cowboys bring back 37-year-old failed color commentator to play tight end for them

Lol Dallas

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

I’m looking at this tweet from the Dallas Cowboys’ official Twitter account and feeling like it must be a joke.

But it’s not! This is really happening. Jason Witten, who turns 37 years old in May, is actually returning to Dallas one year after retiring from the NFL entirely. And he’s going to be making $5 million!

My official thoughts on this development? Lol Cowboys.

Witten is obviously a future Hall of Famer but he doesn’t have much left in the tank. Witten averaged a career-low 8.9 yards per reception in 2017, when he was two years younger than he’s going to be during the 2019 season. Witten also ranked 41st out of 51 tight ends graded by Pro Football Focus that year. In his last four games against the Philadelphia Eagles, Witten has a mere six receptions for 50 yards and one touchdown.

But wait! This news gets even better because it means Witten won’t be serving as ESPN’s Monday Night Football color commentator anymore. Witten was clearly struggling in that role. It’ll be difficult for his replacement to not be an upgrade.

The Cowboys bringing Witten back in a year with an NFL Draft class that’s considered to be historically loaded at tight end sure is something. Maybe they’ll draft a tight end anyway but, still, they’re paying $5 million for a 37-year-old Witten!


FIRST UPDATE: It only gets better ... Witten to replace Jason Garrett as Cowboys head coach one day?

SECOND UPDATE: Witten isn’t even going to play all that much!

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