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NFL Combine 2019 recap: Potential Eagles running back targets

David Montgomery spoke a bit about his impression of head coach Doug Pederson.

The NFL Combine is officially in full swing and running backs will take the field for drills on Friday, but they spoke to the media on Thursday afternoon. Bleeding Green Nation spoke to several prospects that have been mocked to the Eagles or have reportedly met with the team during their four-day interview.

Josh Jacobs (Alabama)

As a guy who didn’t get a ton of carries for the Crimson Tide, he said when teams look at his tape he hopes they see the production he was able to accomplish with the carries he did get. He also noted that league offense are trending toward a running back by committee approach and that he’s definitely willing to share carries with whatever team drafts him.

This is good news since we’ve learned that the Eagles are definitely a running back by committee offense, and with the bevy of young talent they currently have on roster, seeing Duce Staley shift to having a featured back isn’t likely.

It also appears he’ll be having a formal meeting with the Eagles while he’s in Indy.

David Montgomery (Iowa State)

As a guy from Cincinnati he said he wasn’t heavily recruited by Big Ten teams, but that he was grateful Iowa State took a chance on him. He talked about using any doubts about him as fuel and was focused on making the most of his opportunities.

He was someone who was reported to have met with the Eagles on Wednesday evening, and when I asked him about his impression of Doug Pederson as a head coach, he said that Pederson definitely knew what he wanted to say and ask during their meeting, and what he was looking for at the position.

Miles Sanders (Penn State)

I asked the Pittsburgh-native about his desire to stay in his home-state to play professionally, and he acknowledged that playing for his favorite team growing — the Steelers — would be very cool, or even playing for the Eagles, as well. He did finish up the question saying he’d be happy to play for whatever team drafted him, and whoever does will get a guy who is committed to giving 110% effort everyday.

Throughout his questioning you could tell he would love to play for Pittsburgh. He did talk to some of their staff, and noted that they had good things to say about Mike Tomlin and how he was a down to Earth guy who would be cool to play for. He also noted that Ben Roethlisburger is a great leader whose had Super Bowl success, and isn’t concerned with all the drama surrounding the franchise this past year.

Sanders admitted he did meet with the Patriots and said that Tom Brady is the kind of guy who makes everyone around him look good. He wasn’t sure exactly who from the Patriots he met with — considering he’s met with tons of people and teams at this point — but that they utilize a running back by committee approach and might be in the market to add to that position group. Although, he said as a Steelers fan, it would sting a little to go to New England.

The running back from Penn State spent a good portion of his college career behind Saquan Barkley in the depth chart, and he said that it taught him a lot, and that another benefit for him is that he doesn’t have as many miles or hits on him as some of the other running back prospects. Sanders said he never considered transferring given the situation behind Barkley, and rather he’s a competitor and it helped him grow in more ways than one.

Knowing he was a somewhat local prospect, I asked him what his opinion was on Wawas, but he pointed out that he’s from Pittsburgh so he knows Sheetz, not Wawas.

So, there’s that.

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