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Likely Nick Foles landing spots based on quotes from the NFL Combine

Some teams are committed to their current starter — others, not so much.

Divisional Round - Philadelphia Eagles v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

One of the biggest topics this offseason is where Nick Foles will land. There are a few teams leading the charge in terms of rumors, including the Jaguars, Raiders, Dolphins and Giants.

Team general managers and head coaches spoke on Wednesday at the 2019 NFL Combine and several had something to say about their plans for the quarterback spot this upcoming season.

Top contender = Jaguars

Head coach Doug Marrone talked a lot about the benefits and different reasons to bring in a veteran quarterback, from helping develop a younger guy to being able to jump in and lead right away.

Interestingly, Marrone also seemed very supportive of running back Leonard Fournette who has been included in some of the trade rumors for Foles. The head coach noted that Fournette has been in the building working out this offseason and seems to be in a good place, and that he’s focused on football and even called the running back a workhorse and someone he wants to practice being a three-down back.

He also explained that he doesn’t think some of the other free agent situations in their running back room affects Fournette, and that Marrone considers Fournette an important piece of what they are trying to do and build in Jacksonville. So, in terms of using the rusher in a trade for Nick Foles, it seems less likely than including another player or draft-pick options for the quarterback.

Jaguars general manager Dave Caldwell also spoke on the team’s quarterback situation and future plans and he noted that they have a list of all incoming and available veteran quarterback options to see who they might want to target this offseason. He wouldn’t say whether they’d have their quarterback in place during free agency or until after the draft, and that they could get a good quarterback in the first round but that there’s also a high quantity of QBs in this draft class.

Dolphins could be in the market

The Dolphins have a new head coach in Brian Flores and he seemed interested in building his roster down in Miami and was non-committal to their current quarterback saying “all options on the table” with regards to Ryan Tannehill.

Seemingly OUT of the running


Raiders GM Mike Mayock said they have a young guy at quarterback who they feel is their franchise guy. Derek Carr is “only” 28 years old so they feel pretty good about who they have at quarterback. Mayock reiterated later on that he thinks Carr is a franchise guy, but that it is his job to keep an eye out for potential talent to add to the roster — although it sounded more like through the draft than via a trade for a veteran like Foles.


Head coach Pat Shurmur seemed firm in his commitment to Eli Manning as the starter for the Giants in 2019.

“I think Eli can help us win games,” said Shurmur, via SNY. “He proved — when the players around him started playing better — that he can play at a very high level and help us win games, so, yeah, at this point, I want Eli back, he’s back, [we’ll] get ready to go with him.”

Shurmur talked more about a young player benefiting from learning from Manning rather than bringing in a veteran player to challenge him. He talked about there being several models that show that kind of success developing young talent, including from his time in Philly when Doug Pederson started the 1999 season as the starter, but Donovan McNabb became the starter in Week 8.

Giants general manager Dave Gettleman noted that the negative criticism of Manning in recent years is unwarranted, but wasn’t quite as committed to him as the starter moving forward as Shurmur.

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