2019 Philadelphia Eagles ticket prices increase for 3rd straight year

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

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What's the price of having a top-tier NFL franchise only one season removed from their first Super Bowl title? Apparently, it's a bit more than it was previously. Very few fans took issue with the increase last year, following that magical Super Bowl run. But this year, following a roller-coaster season that ended in the divisional round, season ticket members were sent their 2019 Philadelphia Eagles ticket invoices yesterday with no mention of the increase, other than in the amount due. It marks the third season in a row with an increase, the fifth in the last seven, and the eighth time overall since Lincoln Financial Field opened in 2003.

There is no official word from the team on the new pricing, but based on the invoices from season ticket members, I have confirmed the following for the non-club/premium levels:

  • Lower level sections on the home side of the field between the 30 yard-lines (101, 102, 103, 137, 138) increased from $1,700 per seat (for 10 home games) to $1,850 ($15 per game.)
  • Lower level sections on the visitor's side of the field between the 30 yard-lines (119, 120, 121) increased from $1,700 per seat (for 10 home games) to $1,850 ($15 per game), while seats from the 20 yard-lines to the 30 yard-lines (118, 122) remained at $1,700.
  • Lower level sections from the goal line to the 20 yard-lines, on both sides, went from $1,450 to $1,550 ($10 per game.)
  • Lower level sections surrounding the end-zone increased from $1,200 to $1,250 ($5 per game.)
  • Northeast Terrace 1 increased from $1,200 to $1,250 ($5 game), while Northeast Terrace 2 & 3, Southwest Terrace and Mid-Level Sections remained at $1,200.
  • Upper level, mid-field Loge (between the 20 yard-lines, first four rows of each section) stayed at $1,250.
  • All other upper level sections, including Loge corners and end-zone, increased by $50 ($5 per game.)

A color-coded diagram of all the pricing tiers, by section, can be found here (minus the actual prices.)

The $5-$15 per game increase for most sections is not drastic, especially considering the team's standing as one of the premier tickets in the NFL evidenced by consistent sell-outs and a season ticket waiting list reportedly 40,000+ names deep. But the trend line of some of the best seats approaching a tripling of their original price from 2003, while the rest have all but doubled, can still invoke some sticker shock and grumblings on social media from the season ticket members.

Single-game tickets to the public will probably go on sale late April or early May and while the team continues to use variable pricing for those tickets based on the opponent, face value will likely see similar increases over last year.