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Patriots use Eagles’ hype man, Meek Mill, in Super Bowl promo video

First it was the “underdog” mentality, now it’s Meek Mill — New England is clearly trying to copy Philadelphia’s swag from last year’s Super Bowl.

Last year, Malcolm Jenkins said he knew the Eagles were going to win the Super Bowl when they heard Meek Mill’s “Dreams and Nightmares” playing as their intro song in Minnesota. Apparently, the Patriots are now trying to use the same logic, with the team releasing a new hype video featuring the Philly-born artist.

It’s a little, let’s say, lame, for the team that the Eagles beat just a year ago — while being hyped by the man ingrained in Philly and team culture — to use Meek Mill as motivation heading into Sunday’s matchup.

Sure, they aren’t actually playing the Eagles. And, sure, Meek Mill and Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft have a pretty close relationship. But it’s been pretty well established that Meek represents Philly. A city that, the last time I checked, was pretty anti-New England.

Not that Tom Brady and Co. needed anything extra to give them the edge against the league’s youngest head coach and a fanbase that hardly travels well, but apparently, just as they are embracing the Eagles former “underdog” moniker, they’re also using Philly’s hype man. It’s a formula that worked for Philadelphia last year, but it’s not New England’s formula.

For me, though, I much prefer Meek Mill in Eagles green.

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