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FINAL SCORE: Eagles snap losing streak with comeback win to beat Giants in overtime, 23 to 17


New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles are 6-7 after defeating the New York Giants in overtime on Monday Night Football! Final score: 23 to 17.

The Eagles are still alive in the NFL playoff picture, baby. Just three more wins to clinch the NFC East!


Coin toss: Giants win the toss and elect to defer. The Eagles’ vaunted offense is up first.

Eagles 1st drive: Boston Scott and Miles Sanders both on the field for the Eagles’ first play, Carson Wentz flips the ball forward to a motioning Scott and it goes for an 8-yard gain. Eagles ran that play multiple times with Greg Ward in the Seahawks game. Wentz hits Zach Ertz to bring up 3rd-and-1. Wentz sneaks it forward for 3-yard gain, great push by the o-line. Eagles get to 3rd-and-8 and Jason Peters false starts to make it into 3rd-and-13. Second week in a row that a JP penalty sets the Eagles back. Wentz is sacked by a free rushing Markus Golden on third down to force the Eagles to punt. More of the same from this sluggish offense.

Giants 1st drive: Giants take over at their own 18-yard line after a quality 60-yard punt from Cameron Johnston. Vinny Curry — not Josh Sweat — getting the start with Derek Barnett out. Saquon Barkley gets tackled by Ronald Darby (!) for a 3-yard loss. Giants get to 3rd-and-7 and Eli Manning throws behind a wide open Barkley to bring up a punt. There’s the Eli that Eagles fans know and love.

Eagles 2nd drive: Eagles start at their own 34-yard line. Wentz throws it deep along the sideline for Alshon Jeffery but the ball sails out of bounds. Eagles maddeningly run on 2nd-and-long to bring up 3rd-and-long. Wentz’s short pass to Sanders sets up 4th-and-short and the Eagles go for it. The sneak isn’t successful as it’s stopped short and Wentz fumbles anyway. Lol. Hate. this. offense. so. much. The play is reviewed and the ruling stands.

Giants 2nd drive: Barkley gets a big hole to work with but his run is called back due to holding. Nathan Gerry forces an incompletion with a big hit to bring up 3rd-and-17. Jim Schwartz breaks out the sticks defense and Manning’s throw is well short of the sticks. Giants punt. Both of these teams suck.

Eagles 3rd drive: Eagles start at their own 3-yard line. Wentz to Ertz on a curl brings up 3rd-and-2. The Eagles run a draw to Sanders and it’s good for a first down. Wentz throws high and wide to Ertz in the flat, just off target. Wentz really struggling with accuracy. Eagles get to 3rd-and-5 and Wentz’s throw for Jeffery is off target and in the dirt. God. The route was short of the sticks even if it was completed. This offense is total trash.

Giants 3rd drive: The Giants get to 3rd-and-13 at the Eagles’ 35-yard line as the first quarter expires. Honestly, I’m having a hard time staying awake.


Giants 3rd drive (continued): Manning’s third down pass is complete to Darius Slayton and Darby slips on a poor arm tackle attempt to leave the rookie receiver with an easy path to the end zone. And just like that the Giants have an insurmountable lead. EAGLES 0, GIANTS 7.

Eagles 4th drive: The Eagles get to 3rd-and-1 and Jay Ajayi takes the carry for a first down. Wentz scrambles around and buys some time and eventually finds a wide open Ertz down the field for a chunk gain! And then Ertz is wide open again for another big gain! The Eagles are somehow into the red zone at the 9-yard line! How is this happening! Wentz has all day again and throws to Greg Ward in the end zone for a touchdown ... but it’s called back due to holding on Brandon Brooks. Welp. With the pass game working, the Eagles run on 1st-and-19 to bring up 2nd-and-18. Great. Meanwhile, Jeffery is being carted off and the Eagles are down to just Ward and JJ Arcega-Whiteside at wide receiver. Awesome! Wentz dumps off to Sanders to bring up 3rd-and-12. Then he’s sacked on third down. Eagles settle for the 34-yard Jake Elliott field goal. EAGLES 3, GIANTS 7.

Giants 4th drive: Manning hits an open Slayton down the sideline with Darby beat in coverage for a 42-yard gain. Yep. Manning hits Slayton again for another first down. Malcolm Jenkins log a deflection to bring up third down. Manning’s third down pass is incomplete and the Eagles get away with only giving up a field goal. EAGLES 3, GIANTS 10.

Eagles 5th drive: Wentz is sacked on third down and Lane Johnson is in serious pain on the ground. Well, the Eagles are even more screwed now.

Giants 5th drive: Another nice punt from Johnston in addition to a Giants special teams holding penalty forces New York to start from their own 5-yard line. Giants get to 3rd-and-9 and Manning’s pass is caught but Golden Tate can’t get a single foot inbounds as Nigel Bradham forces him out. Giants have to punt.

Eagles 6th drive: Eagles take over at their own 41-yard line. No chance they score here, right? Halapoulivaati Vaitai — not Andre Dillard — is in at right tackle with Johnson hurt. Wentz’s 3rd-and-3 pass for Ward is knocked down. The Eagles bring the punt team out but then bring the offense back out on fourth down and the Giants call a timeout. How about that, a head coach using a timeout when they get caught off guard? Wouldn’t have helped in the Dolphins game last week, huh? The Eagles send the punt team back out on fourth down and punt it.

Giants 6th drive: Manning airs it out deep and it’s Slayton burning Darby once again for a touchdown. Game. What an embarrassment. EAGLES 3, GIANTS 17.

Eagles 7th drive: Eagles go three-and-out after back-to-back drops from Sanders and Dallas Goedert. Lol. This team sucks ass. The Eagles punt to end the first half.


Giants 7th drive: The Giants’ offense goes three-and-out as Curry sacks Manning on third down.

Eagles 8th drive: Solid 16-yard punt return from Ward allows the Eagles to start from their own 47-yard line. Can’t wait to see how the offense wastes this good field position. Jeffery and Johnson officially ruled out of the game. Eagles get to 3rd-and-9 and Ertz drops Wentz’s pass to bring up 4th-and-9. So the Eagles got one entire yard from that series. On a Joshua Perkins reception. Very cool!

Giants 8th drive: Giants start at their own 13-yard line. The Giants move out to 3rd-and-4 from their own 30-yard line. Jenkins breaks up Manning’s throw for Tate and it’s another Giants punt.

Eagles 9th drive: Wentz draws a roughing penalty to give the Eagles a first down. Sanders runs for an 8-yard gain to bring up 2nd-and-2 but then Jason Kelce’s snap goes high and Wentz is sacked to bring up 3rd-and-13. Wentz’s throw for a diving Ward over the middle is low and incomplete. Brutal.

Giants 9th drive: The Giants get to 3rd-and-5 and Manning’s pass is incomplete. Another Giants punt. Amazing how the Eagles are down 14 to this team.

Eagles 10th drive: Omg, a third down pass for a first down as Wentz hits an open Scott. Some nice creativity (!) there. Wentz hits a sliding Ertz to bring up 2nd-and-1. Then Scott runs the ball for a first down to the 13-yard line. Scott with another carry and the Eagles are at the 8-yard line. Ertz with a false start and the Eagles are back at the 13-yard line. Arcega-Whiteside sees his first target of the game and catches it to bring up 3rd-and-3 from the 6-yard line. Scott gets the carry and it goes for a first down. Eagles have 1st-and-goal from the 3-yard line. Scott takes another carry into the end zone. The Eagles amazingly have life. Meanwhile, Sanders is walking to the locker room. More offensive injuries. EAGLES 10, GIANTS 17.

Giants 10th drive: Jalen Mills is hurt as the Giants get to 3rd-and-5.


Giants 10th drive (continued): Rasul Douglas in to replace Mills on the outside. On third down, Manning has time to throw but his pass for Sterling Shepard is just too high. Giants punt.

Eagles 11th drive: Eagles take over at their own 13-yard line. Wentz to Ward on a quick catch-and-run goes for a first. Scott jukes Janoris Jenkisn out of his shoes in the open field to get another first. A wide open Ajayi drops a pass in the flat to bring up 3rd-and-7. Wentz completes to Perkins for another catch-and-run first down. Sanders is back and he gets a carry for a 1-yard loss. Wentz rolls left, ducks under a would-be sack, and then fires down the field to Arcega-Whiteside ... who loses a contested catch situation with the Giants defender knocking it down. The Eagles challenge for pass interference but the ruling stands because Ward tipped the ball and there’s no PI on tipped passes. On 3rd-and-11, Wentz hits Ward in the hands in the end zone aaaaaannndddddd it’s dropped. No big deal, just another crucial Wentz touchdown pass dropped. Eagles settle for the Elliott field goal attempt and he misses it. Sigh.

Giants 11th drive: Manning is sacked by Curry to set the Giants back to 2nd-and-21. Giants move to 3rd-and-14 as the Eagles break out the sticks defense. The Giants try to run a flea flicker but it ends up being a dump down and the Giants punt.

Eagles 12th drive: Eagles start at their own 15-yard line. Wentz is sacked for a 9-yard loss.

Wentz hits Ertz to bring up 3rd-and-10. On third down, the Giants are flagged for illegal contact and it’s an Eagles first down at their own 20-yard line. Eagles get to 3rd-and-1 and Scott is stopped for no gain. Wentz sneaks it on 4th-and-1 for a first down. Eagles get to 3rd-and-4 from their own 37-yard line. Arcega-Whiteside makes a great over-the-shoulder catch (that’s allowed?!) on third down in addition to drawing a penalty. Encouraging!

Wentz hits a wide open Dallas Goedert to put the Eagles into the red zone. Wentz hits Ward to give the Eagles 1st-and-goal at the 1-yard line. Sanders take a carry for a 1-yard loss as the clock winds down to the 2-minute warning. Wentz’s 2nd-and-goal throw is deflected by Antoine Bethea. On 3rd-and-goal, Wentz hits Ertz over the middle for a TOUCHDOWN. The Eagles send Elliott in for the extra point and he makes it to tie the game. Who would’ve thought? EAGLES 17, GIANTS 17.

Giants 12th drive: Giants take over at their own 25-yard line with 1:53 left in the game. Manning completes a pass to bring up 2nd-and-3. Josh Sweat pressures Manning into a throwaway. Douglas is hurt and the Eagles have to burn their second timeout as Sidney Jones comes into the game. The Giants go right at Jones (surprise!) and Jones breaks up the pass meant for Slayton! Wow. From healthy scratch to making a huge third down play. Well done.

Eagles 13th drive: Eagles take over at their own 24-yard line with 1:21 remaining and a single timeout to work with. Wentz hits Scott for a first down. Ward can’t haul in a low Wentz pass and the clock stops. Wentz’s pass is tipped and Isaac Seumalo helps to bat it down to prevent an interception. Heady play. On 3rd-and-10 from the Eagles’ own 36-yard line, Wentz connects short of the sticks to bring up 4th-and-1. The clock runs down to 19 and the Eagles send in the punt team.

Giants 13th drive: Giants knee to take us to overtime. Dear God.


Coin toss: Eagles win the toss and elect to receive, duh.

Eagles 14th drive: Eagles take over at their own 25-yard line after the touchback. Wentz swings it to Sanders for a catch-and-run and a first down. Wentz tosses to Scott and he follows his blocking to the Giants’ 39-yard line. Wentz hits Perkins to move the Eagles down to the Giants’ 26-yard line. Sanders runs for no gain. Really feels like Scott is the more effective runner at this point. Ward catches a pass to bring up 3rd-and-2 from the 18-yard line. Sanders takes a sneaky handoff to bring up 1st-and-goal from the 8-yard line. Inspired play-calling! What is this? Scott runs for a 6-yard gain to make it 2nd-and-goal from the 2-yard line. Time to win the game. The Eagles take one of their two overtime timeouts. Wentz’s throw on 2nd-and-goal is ... COMPLETE TO A WIDE OPEN ERTZ IN THE END ZONE AND THE EAGLES ACTUALLY WIN THE GAME. What a time to be alive. EAGLES 23, GIANTS 16.

FINAL SCORE: 23 to 16, Eagles win.

Who said Carson Wentz wasn’t clutch?!



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