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Eagles vs. Giants weather report: Rain is on the way

We’re in store for a wet one.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: It’s raining pretty heavily here at Lincoln Financial Field as I type this update four hours before kickoff. Tarp is protecting the field for now.


Lincoln Financial Field will not be dry for the Philadelphia Eagles’ Week 14 game against the New York Giants on Monday Night Football. And I’m not just referring to the tailgate scene. (*eye-rolling ensues*)

According to the latest forecast, it looks like there’s rain in store for Monday night’s 8:15 PM Eastern start time.

The bad news is the rain could put a damper on some aforementioned pregame festivities but the good news is that the precipitation is expected to lighten up by kickoff. Also nice to see it’s not going to be super windy and there are no threats of delays/stoppages due to lightening. Oh, and pretty mild temperatures.

So, how might the wet conditions impact the game? Doug Pederson’s thoughts on the matter:

Q. You’ve had a couple of games this year already where weather has impacted it, like Miami with the heat and Buffalo the wind. There’s a potential for rain and heavy rain this Monday night. How early in the week do you take that into consideration in your play calls and also in your game plan?

DOUG PEDERSON: With play calls, it’s really determined on really when we get to the game and see how much it’s raining or the wind, all that. You really just go in the whole week and prepare as normal. I think for me, if I’m preparing the team I do want them to understand that there could be some weather coming in here, so obviously cleats, the grass, all of that. I want them to understand that we can make those adjustments now and prepare for that now. But as far as the play calls, you really don’t know until you see exactly in-game how bad it’s raining or the wind at that time.

Q. How about from a quarterback’s perspective the things you do with Carson Wentz?

DOUG PEDERSON: We’ve done wet balls during the week before. We’ve done stuff like that. Obviously, again, try to just prepare them mentally to go into any bad-weather situations. But we try not to put too much emphasis on it.

There was some rain when the Eagles played the Giants at MetLife Stadium last season (as seen in the picture above this article). The Eagles sure didn’t struggle with the elements then as they beat New York by a final score of 34 to 14. The Birds will be hoping for a similar outcome in a must-win scenario tonight.

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