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Browns firing their general manager could impact the Eagles

Front office change?

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers

The Philadelphia Eagles might be in danger of losing one of their front office members this offseason. With news that the Cleveland Browns have “mutually parted ways” (read: fired) with John Dorsey, there’s a new general manager opening. And the Dorsey’s replacement might just currently reside within the NovaCare Complex.

Eagles vice president of football operations Andrew Berry could be the Browns’ target.

It was just a few days ago when NFL Network reported that Berry is a candidate to watch this offseason.

JIM TROTTER: “We know all the names that have been out there, but let’s choose a name that we may not have heard much about. And that name is Andrew Berry, who’s an executive with the Philadelphia Eagles. Everyone I talk to about Andrew tells me he is sharp, bright, he knows what he is doing, and they believe he it is a matter of ‘when’ not ‘if’ he becomes a general manager. So, that is somebody to keep an eye on as we go forward.

IAN RAPOPORT: “Yeah, Andrew Berry is certainly a hot, new name.”

The Eagles only added Berry to their front office back in February after he previously served as the Browns’ vice president of player personnel.

It’s worth noting that the Eagles can block Berry from interviewing for the Browns’ general manager vacancy as long as their season is still on-going. The Eagles notably blocked former vice president of player personnel Joe Douglas from interviewing with the Houston Texans while Philly made their Super Bowl run back in early 2018.

The Eagles CANNOT block Berry from interviewing once their season is over ... assuming Berry is interviewing for a job with final say. The Eagles can and likely will block Berry from leaving if he were to be offered a lateral position in the Browns’ front office:

We’ll have to see what comes of this.

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