An Excel Spreadsheet depicting how injured the Eagles were in 2019

Hey guys, it's always been a hassle to explain to fans of other teams how depleted the Eagles truly are across the board, which makes their clinching of the NFC East even more impressive. So here's an excel spreadsheet showing the carnage, along with some other notes. Please let me know who and what I've missed, I looked at depth charts at multiple points throughout the season as well as every week's injury report.

*Guide notes*

- Injured Reserve: Fairly self explanatory

- Missed Multiple Games: Two or more games

- Missed 1 Game: Yes

- Played Hurt: Left the game with an injury and returned, or was questionable/limited in the injury report

- PUP List: You know

- Signed/Released: A player that was signed, or released, or both mid-season



As it stands the Eagles are currently without their RB1, RB3, RB4, WR1, WR2, WR3, WR4, TE1, RG1, DE5, DE7, DT2, DT4, CB1, and S2 going into the 2019 playoffs.

Let me know if I missed anyone or anything.