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Doug Pederson credits Eagles’ coaching staff for adapting to an evolving roster

Plus, the Eagles’ head coach gives an injury update.

Eagles’ head coach Doug Pederson spoke to the media back in Philly on Monday following the team’s big win over the Giants on Sunday. He continues to credit the coaching staff for being able to get so many young players ready to perform, and for the players working hard and finding a rhythm.

Pederson emphasized that having this success with so much roster turnover due to injury, that it goes back to what he’s said, and that it’s not just about one guy, it’s about the team.

Here’s what the head coach had to say:

On what he’s proud of

“Very proud of my coaching staff, obviously, preparing and with the amount of adversity and injuries we’ve had, on really both sides of the ball, being able to get guys ready and prepared to play, it isn’t easy. Offensively speaking, we’ve had a lot of new faces, a lot of young receivers, a lot of running backs, so my hats off to my staff there.

And then a credit to the players. Players, these young players coming in and making plays. They’re hungry, they’re eager, they want to do what’s right. They’re coachable and they’re doing the right things. Our quarterback, obviously, has a lot of trust and faith in them. They spend a lot of time during the week preparing and getting ready for games.

And, I just think where we are, putting ourselves in this position to play for the NFC East yesterday, I’m proud of the leadership of the football team, the veteran guys that have really kept this team together through all of it.”

On the confidence level of the team

Pederson said that the confidence level can go a long way in compensating for some of the talent they lost — and the record they have going into the postseason. He said it’s an internal belief that they can do it and get it done, and how they control their own destiny.

He said it’s a credit to some of the veteran players on the team that they have the mentality that it doesn’t matter who is in the lineup, that they can compete and win. The leaders have kept the guys plugged in, and the confidence is real and something they need to lean on.

Injury updates

Brandon Brooks had a separated right shoulder, and there’s a little more damage than initially thought, so he’s going to miss the remainder of the season. Later, Pederson said that Brooks would require shoulder surgery.

“Brandon’s a big loss. He’s an anchor of the offensive line, He’s big and physical, and he’s a professional, he comes to work everyday ready to go.”

Additionally, Daeshon Hall suffered an ACL injury on the last play of the game and is also done for the year.

Everyone else who got banged up during the game, should be okay moving forward.

Zach Ertz and Lane Johnson are both going to get some work this week, and DeSean Jackson is “getting close” but isn’t eligible until they activate him.

On facing Seattle

Even though they faced the Seahawks five weeks ago, it’s similar to the Giants, in that with so many injuries they aren’t the same team as before. But scheme-wise, they haven’t changed in the past several games.

They do still have Russell Wilson, who is electric and can beat you, but Pederson did acknowledge a report that (former Eagles LB) Mychal Kendricks might miss the game.

The head coach noted that they have 5 turnovers earlier against Seattle, so they definitely have to go back and look at the tape, and learn from the first go-around.

Their first game against the Seahawks was QB Carson Wentz’s worst game in terms of turnovers, but has done a much better job since then. Pederson noted that the offense has changed a lot offensively since then personnel-wise, but also schematically as they have to adjust to injuries and younger players.

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