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Nigel Bradham had some things to say about Dak Prescott and Orlando Scandrick after the Eagles’ win over the Cowboys

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The Philadelphia Eagles steered clear of talking trash prior to their big Week 16 matchup against the Dallas Cowboys but some players had some things to say after the game was over.

First, Nigel Bradham was filmed saying “Dak Prescott said that’s easy, right?!” en route back to the Eagles’ locker room.

For the uninitiated, Bradham is referencing the following video clip that surfaced all the way back in September:

Prescott didn’t have it so easy in Philly on Sunday as he posted a 76.5 passer rating and the Cowboys scored zero touchdowns.

Bradham had another good moment in the locker room, this time talking about one of his former teammates. Via The Athletic’s Bo Wulf, bold empahsis is mine:

“He a Cowboy! He always been a Cowboy. He was a snake when he got here.” Nigel Bradham on Orlando Scandrick.

Half-jokingly, I asked a few veteran Eagles what they would say now to Scandrick, the former Cowboy who parachuted in for three games (and training camp) with the Eagles and then publicly torched the team after his unceremonious release. Jenkins and Peters both smiled before politely declining comment. Bradham was less tight-lipped.

Scandrick spewed a bunch of nonsense about the Eagles after getting cut by them and he’s since continued to do as much on television. Scandrick also effusively praised the Cowboys at the time. Not looking so good down in Dallas now, though, huh?

Brandon Graham got in on some of the trash talk as well. Graham has a habit of calling out reporters who picked against the Eagles after the game. In this case, Graham referenced ESPN analyst Ryan Clark’s comments that Jason Garrett should be immediately fired and have to take an Uber home if the Cowboys lost to the Eagles.

Funny enough, the Cowboys did have trouble catching a plane ride home. So maybe an Uber for Garrett would’ve actually been appropriate.

It’s nice to see the Eagles getting their swagger back after their confidence looked shot at time this season. They can’t get too cocky considering they haven’t even officially clinched the NFC East just yet. But they do deserve to have some fun at the Cowboys’ expense after beating Dallas on Sunday.

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