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Eagles fan confidence on the rise heading into must-win Cowboys game

FanPulse update.

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Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

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It was just a couple weeks ago when the Philadelphia Eagles were tied with three other teams for the NFL’s lowest fan confidence rating. Two straight victories heading into a must-win game against the Dallas Cowboys suddenly has Eagles fans feeling better:

The Eagles’ 37% confidence rating ranks 17th in the league. It’s hardly like the Eagles have erased all doubt but they’ve at least inspired some level of hope down the stretch.

Of course, any confidence the Eagles have built up will be for naught if they lose to the Cowboys. You might be surprised to learn Dallas fan confidence actually ranks lower at just 22%. Only 10 teams finished lower this week.

The Cowboys demolished a disinterested Los Angeles Rams team in Week 15 but that hasn’t erased the memory of the three-game losing streak that saw them get beat by Josh Allen and Mitchell Trubisky.

2019 has been a disappointing season for the Eagles but they have the ability to redeem themselves to some extent with a win over the Cowboys. Gotta get it done.

This week’s national FanPulse question is clearly related to the state of the NFC East.

I think the complaints about a really good wild card team having to play on the road against an inferior division winner are funny in that, if the disparity is truly so big, then the better team should win regardless of where the game is hosted.


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