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Christian Wilkins mocked the Eagles after the Dolphins’ punter threw a touchdown pass

The Eagles are literally a laughingstock.

Philadelphia Eagles v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles reached a new low on Sunday by losing to the Miami Dolphins. But it wasn’t just that the Eagles lost; it was also about how it happened.

Case in point: the Dolphins took their first lead of the game with this admittedly nifty trick play that featured the team’s punter throwing a touchdown pass to the kicker.

For some reason, three Eagles defenders felt the need to go after the punter while letting the kicker slip behind them uncovered.

As if getting tricked wasn’t humiliating enough, Dolphins defensive tackle Christian Wilkins openly laughed at the Eagles after the play.

This is sadly the point the Eagles have reached. They’re (rightfully) getting mocked by a rookie on a team that owns the worst point differential and worst DVOA in the NFL. Pretty embarrassing.

To the Eagles’ credit, they did respond by going up 28 to 14. But then they ultimately only scored three more points in a 37 to 31 defeat.

The Eagles’ third straight one-score loss also marked the third week in a row that Jim Schwartz’s defense gave up some kind of trick play touchdown. The New England Patriots scored on a double pass in Week 11. Russell Wilson threw a deep touchdown on a modified flea-flicker last Sunday. The Eagles were then fooled a third time in Miami.

It doesn’t seem like pure coincidence that this trickery keeps happening. Teams are clearly seeing a vulnerability.

After the game, Doug Pederson said he didn’t consider taking a timeout when the Dolphins lined up in this formation since the Eagles had specifically prepared for these kind of special teams trick situations. The prep work clearly didn’t pay off and the Dolphins got the last laugh.


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