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Watching Carson Wentz mic’d up for the Eagles’ comeback victory over Washington is worth your time


Philadelphia Eagles v Washington Redskins Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images

Carson Wentz being mic’d up for the Philadelphia Eagles’ dramatic comeback win over Washington this past Sunday was pretty fortunate timing. This video put together by the team is well worth your time:

Some highlights:

0:47 — Wentz talking to Brandon Graham and Timmy Jernigan. Wentz: “All day, all day long. Let’s sack that man. Let’s get that ball.” ... Graham: He [Dwayne Haskins] went to Ohio State! ... Wentz: Got get ‘eem, five five!

2:17 — Start of the play featuring the crazy touchdown pass to Miles Sanders. “Come on, kid! Come on, kid! [...] Then after Sanders’ long run: “You a dog, bro! You made me right twice on that! I’m like, hey, let’s just give it to two six, let him outrun everybody! Great freaking job, kid. You’re amazing, bro.” [...] “How about Miles, huh? How about Miles? That boy can ruuuuun!”

3:14 — Wentz’s late game fumble sequence. “That’s on me.”

4:06 — Start of the Eagles’ final touchdown drive.


4:56 — Brandon Graham: “That’s the way to come back!” ... Doug Pederson: “Big time football right there, baby!”

5:23 — Wentz to Ward: “That whole drive was you, baby! Kept coming up big!”


Always more fun to see the Eagles winning and enjoying themselves along the way. Great look at Wentz’s relationship with some of his teammates.

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